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There can be entities with different states within a single sketch. In addition, endpoints of lines can have a different state than the rest of the sketched entity. For example, a line that is sketched horizontally from the origin has a coincident at one endpoint to the origin, and the line itself is horizontal. As a result, the line and first endpoint are black, but the other endpoint is underdefined because the length of the line is not defined. Sketch states are indicated in the lower-right corner of the graphics window and in the status bar. You can see that dragging one corner allows only the lines to move in certain ways, as shown in Figure 1.23.
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Video Formats Playing Video Files Using Video in Firefox
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IntenseDebate is a plugin for WordPress that can be used on any blog, regardless of platform. It is a drop-in replacement for the standard WordPress comments and is rendered using JavaScript. In this way, the IntenseDebate plugin is more of a widget, in the generic sense of the word, than a Web service.
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The value method actually returns a value from the XQuery. It s limited to returning only a scalar value, similar to a subquery that returns a scalar value:
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Working with Assemblies
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FIGURE 7.29 Block diagrams for a typical modem: (a) transmitter; (b) receiver.
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9. Non-Linear Time-Ekequency Distributions
Table 27-18: Non-Inherited Members of the ListView Control Member Name (scope and type) Description control when in SmallIcon mode. Sorting (Public Instance Property) Specifies the sort order of the items in the control. Specifies the ImageList object that is relevant to the current state of the control. ReadOnly. Returns the item that is at the top of the list. Specifies the current view. Can be LargeIcon, SmallIcon, List, Details (Report). Arranges items in the control when in LargeIcon or SmallIcon view. Suspends painting of the control while items are being added. Removes all items from the control. Resumes painting of the control after items have been added. Scrolls the
A fourth system called multiple input multiple output (MIMO) or 802.11n (line 4, Fig. 31.1) is an OFDM system that achieves data rates up to 200 Mbps by using two frequency channels and multiple antennas. The fth line of Figure 31.1 shows the performance of Bluetooth, which is speci cation 802.15. This unlicensed short-range wireless system is classi ed as a personal area network (PAN). It uses a frequency hopping multiple access technique and achieves a range up to 30 ft and data rates up to 720 kbps. It is widely used to achieve a wireless connection between a cell phone handset and a user microphone/speaker earpiece. It is also used for wireless data transmission between laptop/desktop computers and an Ethernet system. The sixth line of Figure 31.1 shows Wide Area Networks (WANs) called WiMAX, using OFDM and OFDMA. Speci ation 802.16b is for line of site systems like wireless DSL from the service provider to an of ce or residence. Speci cation 802.16e is for long-range mobile phone access, which is expected to be the basis of 4G mobile phone systems. These WiMAX systems are described in Section 31.3.
n The second method, called Translate Surface, behaves as if the surface were moved by
Figure 5.1.11 Possible errors in the calculation of X-ray electric eld intensity distribution along the depth. The difference is caused when considering the in uence of roughness. X-Ray intensity vs depth for Cu K radiation with a perpendicular wave vector k = 0.375 nm 1 on a gold sample with a rms roughness of 1.5 nm. Dash-dotted line, no roughness; solid line, calculated using conventional Nevot Croce factors; long-dashed line, the present approximation; short-dashed line, calculated for error function pro le using the slice method. (Reproduced with permission of de Boer,57 Figure 2)
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