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Edit Sketch3 and delete the Pierce constraint on the sketch point in the middle of the construction line. Create a Coincident relation between the sketch point and the outer end of the Fit Spline, as shown in Figure 11.23. Do not exit the sketch.
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Parameters can be used to empower the user to specify the report criteria and control report formatting. Query parameters are included in the data set definition and are used to select or filter data. For example, the parameter @CategoryID can be used to return the subcategories for a selected category, as demonstrated in the following example:
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Sorting configs
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Zhao-Atlas-Marks Distribution. Zhao, Atlas and Marks [l681 suggested the kernel
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Depending on your database setup, you might need to create multiple connections to perform a particular task. The Maintenance Plan Wizard always provides a connection to the default instance of the local database. Click Connections to add more connections to the current maintenance plan (any additions won t affect other maintenance plans you create). You ll see the Manage Connections dialog box shown in Figure 37-6.
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Figure 3-10: The Program Compatibility Assistant will pop up whenever it thinks you need help.
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Modifying network settings
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TABLE 18-1
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The Removable Storage node provides a tool for con guring and managing removable storage devices and media. You use Removable Storage to track media such as tapes and optical disks and their hardware devices (jukeboxes, tape changers, and so on). Removable Storage is a technology subset of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). These new technologies provide a means for automatic data archival and retrieval of archived data. The Removable Storage node enables you to create and manage media pools, insert and eject media, mount and dismount media, view media and library status, inventory libraries, and assign permissions for security on media and libraries.
After you ve created the outline of your movie by dragging clips to the storyboard, it s time to get down to the precise acts of cutting and trimming clips. Switch to Timeline mode. Take a look at the timeline (Figure 20.16). Notice how each clip is displayed along it, as long as graphically necessary to match its duration with the timer that runs along the top of the timeline.
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