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Develop GS1 - 12 in .NET Part VIII: Appendixes

29.2.4 Synchronization and Channel Estimation
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Table 10.14
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Creating and deleting keys
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9. Non-Linear Time-Ekequency Distributions
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Creating a proxy class with the WSDL tool The .NET Framework provides a tool named wsdl.exe to parse Web Service descriptions and generate proxy classes, which can be used by a consumer to call methods on a Web Service. The wsdl tool is capable of generating proxy classes given any one of the following types of files as input: .wsdl files .xsd (XML Schema Definition) files .disco files .discomap files Note that these files are all outputs of .NET's disco tool. By default, the wsdl tool is located in the same place as the disco tool: Program Files\Microsoft.NET\FrameworkSDK\Bin The wsdl tool is a console application, so you will need to start it from within a command window, just like the disco tool discussed in the last section. Tip You may want to add the path to the .NET Framework Bin folder to your system's PATH environment variable so that the tools can be located without typing the path to them on the command line. The general format of the wsdl command line is wsdl [options] {URL | Path} Here, URL specifies the HTTP address of a target Web server that you want to search for any of the supported file types (excluding .discomap files), and Path specifies the local file path to any of the supported file types. The wsdl tool supports the command-line options listed in Table 49-3. Table 49-3: WSDL Tool Command-Line Options Option /appsettingurlkey:key or /urlkey:key Description Specifies the configuration key to use in order to read the default value for the URL property when generating code. This allows you to obtain the URL of the Web Service from the ASP.NET configuration file, rather than having it hard-coded in the proxy class. Specifies the base URL to use in conjunction with the /appsettingurlkey option. The tool calculates the URL fragment by converting the relative URL from the baseurl argument to the URL in the WSDL document. You must specify the /appsettingurlkey option with this option. Specifies the domain name to use when connecting to a server that requires authentication. Specifies the language to use for the generated proxy class. You can specify CS (C#; default), VB (Visual Basic), or JS (JScript) as the
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While an aggregate query can group by multiple columns, the result is still columnar and less than perfect for scanning numbers quickly. The cross-tabulation, or crosstab, query pivots one group by column (or dimension) counterclockwise 90 degrees and turns it into the result set s columns, as shown in Figure 11-4. The limitation, of course, is that while a columnar group by query can have multiple aggregate functions, a crosstab query can display but a single measure. The term crosstab query describes the result set, not the method of creating the crosstab, because there are multiple programmatic methods of generating a crosstab query some better than others. The following sections describe several methods for creating the same result.
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Check Files before Trying to Use Them
Part VII
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