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Tweaking Windows Vista Ultimate for Peak Performance
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Assuming that you already have .NET passport, you are prompted to enter your e-mail account and password. (See Figure 5-19.)
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Server-Side Development
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Part I
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APPLICATIONS OF GAS PROPORTIONAL SCINTILLATION COUNTERS TO MATERIAL ANALYSIS takes the role of the second grid of a GPSC, with the MSP anodes biased positively at a few hundred volts. With G1 at a negative HV 1 voltage of a few kV, a scintillation region is produced between G1 and the MSP. An appropriate voltage applied to the window ( HV 0 ) de nes an absorption/drift region between G1 and the window. If the MSP is covered with a CsI lm (Figure 4.2.18) photoelectrons can be released from the anodes by the VUV scintillation and then be charge multiplied in the MSP anodes, producing a large amplitude pulse. However, this implementation has a drawback: since charge multiplication takes place in the Xe environment, it is accompanied by light emission that releases further electrons from the CsI covered cathodes, leading to a positive feedback process which limits the maximum allowable charge gain. To avoid this drawback the MSP can be separated from the Xe GPSC scintillation region with a thin quartz window and the MSGC lled with a non-scintillating gas like P-10.31 The achieved energy resolutions for 5.9 keV X-rays are 12 %31 and 11.4 %41 for the rst implementation (MSP within the Xe environment), and 10.5 % for the second implementation (MSP in a separate P-10 gas environment). Photodiodes, whether of the vacuum type42 or solid state (Si) type,43,44 have also been considered as alternative photosensors for GPSCs. However, for X-ray detection the Si photodiode noise is too high and the performance is rather worse than
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A new addition to the server administration tools on Windows Server 2008 is the Windows PowerShell. Released before the server RTM, it is a new command-line shell and scripting language that lets you automate or organize repetitive administrative tasks on the server. Windows PowerShell is great for server administrators because you don t need to be a code guru to use it like you would have to on Windows Server 2003 with VB and JavaScript, or complex C# applications. The Windows PowerShell is built to sit atop the .NET common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework, accepting and returning .NET objects that you can interact with. Windows PowerShell works with the so-called cmdlet. This let is a simple, single-function command-line tool built into the shell. More than 130 standard cmdlets ship with the system, and you can open them and manipulate them for your own use. You can also easily write your own cmdlets. The cmdlets can be used on their own or they can be combined and dovetailed with each other to perform tasks on a server that would be very dif cult through the regular command line or via Control Panel applets and features. You can use Windows PowerShell to manage Windows Server 2008 roles, such as IIS 7.0, DNS, DHCO, Terminal Server, and so on. You can also create cmdlets for line of business servers like Exchange Server 2007, SQL Server, and Microsoft Operations Manager. To use PowerShell take the following action: Click Start All Programs Windows PowerShell 1.0 Documents, and then drill down to the folder that holds the GettingStarted manual. This is a WordPad le that will get you running cmdlets in short order. There is also a user guide in the same folder, release notes, and more.
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Adding rows or columns
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a link to your site is a vote for the relevance of your site. So, if you re linking out to other sites, then you re voting for them. And internal links ensure that a search engine crawler can find the various pages in your site. A dangling link is a link that leads into a page that has no links leading out of it. Each of these different types of links affects site ranking differently for engines that take linking architectures into consideration. For example, a dangling link could be ignored entirely by a search engine, or the page to which the link points could score lower on the linking metrics because all the links are coming into the page, but there are none going out. And that s what makes linking such a fine science. You need to know how the links on your site will affect the amount of traffic the site has. You also need to know how to have links without going overboard, so that the crawler labels your site as a link farm.
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The Modify dialog box
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cRAW. The cRAW format is a compressed form of the RAW format. This mode is the same as RAW except that it uses a lossless compression algorithm to save more images to the memory card.
Figure 1-2: The .NET Framework The two main components that make up the framework are the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Base Class Libraries (BCL). Everything in this book relates to the BCL. As a developer, you are coding against class libraries, which are all derived from the BCL. In the future, you may be using third-party class libraries that are not part of the base classes, but they must still be based on the CLR specifications. Other core services include cross-language interoperability, security, managed execution, and the Common Type System (CTS). Together, these services make up the .NET Framework. Common Language Runtime The CLR is the foundation of the framework. The goals of the CLR are as follows: Secure and robust execution environment Simplified development process Multilanguage support Simplified management and simplified deployment
VLR1 initiates a transaction with VLR2, which covers a particular location area (LAI). In this case, VLR1 derives the address of VLR2 from LAI. A VLR has no access to a VLR in another country. A VLR initiates a transaction with its associated MSC, or vice versa. The interface between these two entities is internal (B interface), and addressing is not required. A HLR initiates a transaction with the VLR serving a MS. This situation occurs only if the VLR initiated a previous transaction concerning MS with HLR. During the previous transaction, HLR has stored the VLR address in its record on MS and uses this address when it initiates its transaction.
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developers. Those lters run against Web servers, which are updated on a regular basis in order to keep pace with the dynamics of the websites and their content. Outside the United States, very tight content controls have been exercised in some countries. As you might expect, those nations include Singapore and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). In January 1999, an Internet e-mail broker in the PRC was sentenced to two years in prison for inciting the overthrow of state power by supplying 30,000 e-mail addresses to a prodemocracy magazine in the United States. The sentence was considered by many to be light, as three leaders of the China Democracy Party received sentences of 11, 12, and 13 years after being found guilty of the same charge in December 1998. Since that time, there have been a number of similar occurrences in various countries.
EXEC sp_configure AWE Enabled , 20 RECONFIGURE
The combination of the large collecting angle and small focal spot size of a focusing optic results in a high ux density, de ned as the number of photons passing through a unit area per unit time. The ux density gain of an optic is de ned as the ratio of the X-ray ux density obtained at the focus of the optic to that obtained with a pinhole aperture placed at a certain distance to the source. Usually the distance is the smallest one that can practically be employed for the application/X-ray source under consideration. The reason for using the term ux density rather than intensity is because the latter has been widely accepted in the X-ray analysis community to refer to the photon counting rate (detected number of photons per unit time), although this is a misuse of the term based upon the strict classical de nition, as pointed out by Jenkins et al.14 It is therefore less confusing to use the ux density gain rather than the intensity gain for a polycapillary optic. The gain clearly depends upon how far the pinhole
The sum of re ected powers PRL t =Td,srp disturbs the desired signal power PRL t =Td,1st . The disturbance can be catalogued into two types: additional distortion and additional interference. The additional distortion appears when the frequency of power is constant or when the sum of the re ected powers in the past time has the same frequency as that of the incoming desired signal power. The additional interference appears when the frequency of power is not constant or when the sum of the re ected powers in the past time does not have the same frequency as that of the incoming desired signal power. It should be noted that the distortion of power is meaningless. The distortion of voltage actually happened in reality. The additional distortion therefore is the square root of the ratio of PRL t =Td,srp to PRL t =Td,1st , and can be calculated from (9.48) and (9.49), such as Dp % = PRL PRL
6. Initiate the Lofted Surface feature, and select the nearest edge segments from adjacent tubes. If the loft preview twists, use the light-blue handles to straighten it out or deselect and reselect one of the edges in approximately the same location as the other edge was selected. Expand the End Conditions panel and set each edge to use the Curvature setting. You may adjust the End Tangent Length option if you want, but keep in mind that this may make the part asymmetrical.
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