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The Ubuntu boot process is somewhat complicated because not all services start at the same time when you boot. You can define when specific services start, using the Properties feature of the Services Settings dialog box, discussed next.
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Figure 8.2. Resolution of the short-time Fourier transform (left) and the wavelet
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Database Objects
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The first noticeable difference is that pages built using ASP.NET use the aspx extension instead of the asp extension that is used in ASP 3.0. With traditional ASP, whenever the server came to an asp page, it sent the page to be processed by the asp.dll, whereas the aspx pages of ASP.NET are sent to the xspisapi.dll. As stated earlier, traditional ASP pages can run side-by-side with ASP.NET pages. Based on the extensions, they will be sent to the appropriate DLL for processing. It is not possible to just change the extension name of the file to magically create an ASP.NET page. You would create an ASP.NET page only by extension, and you will get a page full of errors if you try.
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7.3 Re nement Phase
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11: Using Audio
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Enabling RRAS
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Web Resource
FIGURE B.15 List of entity colors that can be changed
Figure 13.10 Impedance measured by network analyzer.
9 Merging Data with Joins and Unions
To use this shortcut, simply double-click the icon that now appears on your desktop to open the application or run the program you selected.
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FIGURE 24.27 The Games folder contains most of the fun stuff on my PC.
Tools for Code Browsing Summary Questions 19 A Web Application Hacker s Toolkit Web Browsers
FTP has a significant security vulnerability recommend using it in general. That is, it is not an encrypted protocol so when you type in a username and password to access FTP resources, that data is sent in plaintext and could potentially be intercepted by anyone sniffing the data. I recommend FTPS, at minimum, or SSH, if possible, as an alternative. That said, WordPress is conducting FTP operations on the server itself and, unless you re specifying a different server than the blog is stored on (fringe possibility), the username and password is never transmitted off the server and is unlikely to be intercepted. n
Setting up Volumes
Until a few years ago, an organization called InterNIC was responsible for managing and allocating domain names within the top-level domains. InterNIC, however, became a for-pro t business named Network Solutions, forfeiting its monopoly on the domain namespace. Network Solutions still can allocate domain names, however, as can a multitude of other companies on the Internet. To acquire a domain name for your organization, point your Web browser to to locate a domain registrar. Most domain registrars provide features on their Web sites to look up domain names to determine whether the names are in use or are available, to register new domains, to modify domains, and so on.
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