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Part VI
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Part VI Optimization Strategies
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MinDate (Public Instance Property)
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1: Selecting the Right Windows 7 Edition
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EXEC sp_bindrule @rulename = BirthdateRule , @objname = Person.Birthdate ; Rules are considered a backward compatibility feature. They are not recommended by Microsoft, and will not be supported in a future version of SQL Server. Check constraints are placed directly on the column, and using them is considered better coding practice than using rules. If you have rules in your database, refactor them as check constraints.
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Examining the parent-child relationship
PCMCIA network interface cards (NICs) supporting the 802.lib wireless LAN standard are likely to see a drastic price drop in the second half of 2003, dipping to near US$8 from the current US$13 15, as new players, both chip suppliers and equipment makers, try to get a foothold in the already saturated market. This trend is expected to continue, with 802.lib hitting $5 in the next 18 months. Table 6.1: AP and NIC Trends for Wi-Fi.
1. Open the Open Directory Project web site ( 2. Navigate to the category and subcategory where it would be appropriate for your site to appear. Then in the top-right corner of the page click Suggest URL. 3. You are taken to the submission site. Remember to read all the instructions carefully and fill in the submission form completely. 4. When you re finished filling out the form, click the Submit button. You re taken to a Thank-You page, and your submission process is complete. 5. Now you just have to wait for the editorial committee to complete its review. When the review is complete, you should receive notification of whether or not the site has been accepted and listed.
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