Part V: Keeping Up with the Joneses: Maintenance and Upgrades in .NET

Create UPC Symbol in .NET Part V: Keeping Up with the Joneses: Maintenance and Upgrades

The result is the same as the previous crosstab queries without the unneeded SalesDate column. The final fixed-column crosstab pivot query method is the polished example. Because the pivot is logically part of the from clause, it occurs prior to the where clause. Therefore, another reason to use a subquery to prepare the data for the pivot command is to filter the data or join with other data sources.
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Transactional Replication over the Internet
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Music, Photos, and Videos shared folders. This interface uses standard Windows Media Connect technology to do so, so if you enable this sharing, PCs and compatible devices on your network (e.g., an Xbox 360 or other Windows-compatible digital media receivers) will see the Home Server shares and be able to access that content over the network. Remote Access: In this important and sometimes confusing section, shown in Figure 10-15, you can turn on the Home Server s Web server, configure your home router for remote access and Web serving, and configure your custom domain name ( Add-ins: Here, you can install or uninstall any Windows Home Server add-ins.
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13.5 MHz
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WordPress category management can be done in two places. It can be done from the Write Post screen and from a separate Category management page in the WordPress Admin. By default (keep in mind that the Write Post screen can be arranged according to preference and workflow), a multi-tab widget is positioned at the bottom of the right column (see Figure 13.4). The first tab lists all categories, and the second tab lists the most commonly used categories.
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and contracts based on the size of the browser window. In the next makeover, you explore a fixed-width layout.
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Fig. to.2
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o 0.2 0.15 0.1 0.05 0 Conduction Angle,0c (radian) Figure 10.40 Large-signal output power as a function of the conduction angle when the optimal load is used. The MOS is assumed to be a linear g. device.
The Windows Live Photo Gallery video playback view does have some redeeming features. From this view, you can add descriptive tags and a caption, for example, and even edit the file s creation date and time data. What you can t do is edit the movie clicking the Fix toolbar button just displays an unhelpful message. Our advice is to use Windows Live Photo Gallery to manage home movies only, use the shell for other video management, and use Windows Media Player, described in the next section, for playback. We discuss editing digital movies later in this chapter as well.
If you haven t yet copied your audio CD collection to the PC, Windows Media Player makes doing so as painless as possible. Know, however, that ripping a CD collection as those in the know call the copying process can be quite time-consuming, especially if you have a large CD collection. But before you can get started, you need to make a few configuration changes. (What else is new )
Serialization syntax for other mark-up languages. For example, the synchronized multimedia integration language (SMIL) is syntactically just a particular XML DTD; it de nes the structure of a SMIL document. The DTD is useful because it facilitates a common understanding of the meaning of the DTD elements and the structure of the DTD. Separating form from content. An XML serialization can be used in a web page with an XSL style sheet to render the different elements appropriately. Uniform data-exchange format. An XML serialization can also be transferred as a data object between two applications.
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A deadlock is a special situation that occurs only when transactions with multiple tasks compete for the same data resource. For example, consider the following scenario: Transaction one has a lock on data A and needs to lock data B to complete its transaction. and Transaction two has a lock on data B and needs to lock data A to complete its transaction.
Fig. 11.10
< B means that B - A is positive semidefinite). Thus y o 1 < Vi = h ( T o 1 ) .
Navigating the SolidWorks Interface
Configuration options with the BOM
QL excels at handling sets of rows. However, the SQL world grew out of the old ISAM files structures, and the vestige of looping through data one row at a time remains in the form of the painfully slow SQL cursor. While there are legitimate reasons to use a cursor, the most common reason is that programmers with a procedural background feel more comfortable thinking in terms of loops and pointers than set-based relational algebra. SQL cursors also appear deceptively tunable. Programmers see the long list of cursor options and assume these means the cursor can be tweaked for high performance. The types of cursors have names such as fast forward, dynamic, and scrollable. To quote MSDN, Microsoft(r) SQL Server(tm) 2000 implements a performance optimization called a fast forward-only cursor. The 70-229 SQL Server 2000 Database Design exam even includes a question asking which cursor type is called the firehose cursor. I don t believe there is such a thing. Cursors don t flow, they drip one drop at a time. The second tier of optimization theory (discussed in Part 6, Optimization Strategies ), a framework for designing high-performance systems, is developing set-based code, rather than iterative code. While this chapter explains how to iterate through data using a cursor, the emphasis is clearly on strategically exterminating unnecessary cursors and refactoring cursors with set-based code.
6. Press the multi-selector s
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