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Add Text to a Shape
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Ubuntu includes an online manual for looking up information on shell commands, as well as many other GNU utilities included in the distribution. It is a good idea to become familiar with the manual because it s invaluable for working with utilities, especially when trying to figure out various command-line parameters. The man command provides access to the manual pages stored on the Linux system. Entering the man command followed by a specific utility name provides the manual entry for that utility. Figure 19-4 shows an example of looking up the manual pages (called man pages) for the date command.
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1. Right-click an empty area of the desktop. 2. Click Personalize. 3. In the Personalization window, click Window Color and Appearance. 4. At the bottom of that window, click the link called Open classic appearance properties for more color options.
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echo <a href=main.php>Main</a>\n ; >
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screen. The larger the dpi setting, the greater the number of dots and, thus, the better the screen resolution.
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FIGURE 9.8 Figuring the flat pattern of the auger
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Reviewing Mate Best Practices
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The other application included with Windows Vista is the Program Compatibility Wizard, which allows you to adjust how Vista interacts with programs that might not yet work properly with Microsoft s latest operating system. When you use the Program Compatibility Wizard, you can change the display settings for these programs so that they function normally on a Vista PC. Being able to manually select a program s settings makes it possible to use programs that might otherwise be incompatible with a Vista-operated machine. Because of the vast amount of changes made to the Windows Vista OS, Microsoft has taken the initiative to install a shortcut icon for the Program Compatibility Wizard directly on the desktop. However, if the Program Compatibility Wizard icon does not automatically appear on your Vista desktop, you can look for it by launching Help (press the F1 key) and typing Program Compatibility Wizard in the search field. If you encounter any problems using the programs already installed on your PC, you can use this compatibility tool to correct the problem so that you may use the programs as you did prior to installing Vista. To use the Windows Vista Program Compatibility Wizard
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17: Ruby on Rails
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ASP.NET provides a cleaner coding environment. As you build Web Forms, you will find that the code required to build the build-specific functionality is a lot less than it would if you did the same thing in traditional or classic ASP (sometimes many pages less code are required). Let's say that you have a customer who is building an online reservation system. The customer wants to be presented with a calendar in which a user can select a date. The user would see the calendar laid out in a table and be able to scroll through the months to find the date that is wanted. How would you do this in ASP 3.0 I have done this many times in many ways. One way was to build a COM component, and register the component on the server to use within the application. The other was to develop it straight on the page using ASP. Using the second method, every time the user needed to change months, I had to go back to the server and parse the page again through the asp.dll. So the user would click the arrow to take them to the next month, sit for five to ten seconds, and be presented with the next month of the calendar. Not the greatest solution, but it worked. How would you do it ASP.NET It is quite easy, actually. All it takes is just one line of code! That's it. It is an ASP.NET control. <asp:calendar id="calendar1" runat="server" /> This functionality is slimmed down to just one line. Now that is cleaner code!
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