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to factors including frequency band, air quality, and curvature of the earth. Higher frequencies suffer more from attenuation than do lower frequencies. In the context of an airwave system such as microwave, air quality and environmental interference issues include dust, smog, agricultural haze, precipitation, fog, and humidity. Table 2.4 lists example international frequency bands allocated by the International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunications Sector (ITU-R) for commercial microwave and makes clear the relationship between frequency band and antenna separation, assuming typical allowable power levels [10]. These frequency bands are representative of those used throughout the world for microwave applications, although the speci cs can vary from region to region and nation to nation. At the lowest microwave frequencies, attenuation is low enough that the horizon becomes a major consideration, as the curvature of the earth limits LOS. In this scenario, it is necessary to consider the difference between optical LOS and radio LOS. True optical LOS is a straight line between the two antennas. Radio LOS can be somewhat longer as the density gradient in the atmosphere acts like a lens and tends to bend radio beams back toward the earth, as illustrated in Figure 2.9 [11]. In most countries and regions, regulatory authorities [e.g., the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States] protect frequency bands
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The encoded block then undergoes rate matching i.e., the rate of the block is then adapted to the desired rate by puncturing or selected bit repetition. Repetition is usually preferred, except for some special high-data-rate cases. If multiple data transport channels are transmitted, the resulting transmission blocks or frames are then time multiplexed. Each block is accompanied by a TFCI. This contains the rate information for the current block, and is therefore very important if the TFCI is lost, then the whole frame is lost. The resulting data stream is then fed into a second interleaver, which interleaves the bits over one radio transmission frame, intraframe interleaving. In case multiple physical data channels are used, the transmission frames are then mapped to these multiple channels. Otherwise, a single dedicated physical channel is used. The multiplexing operation in the downlink is slightly different, as outlined in Figure 26.7b, as the order of some of the steps is different. The main difference lies in the insertion of DTX (Discontinuous Transmission) bits, which indicate when to turn the transmission off. Depending on whether xed or variable symbol positions are used, DTX indication bits are inserted at different points in the multiplexing/coding chain.
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Increasing initial complexity of the deployment method
Mean Carried Teletraffic(Erlangkm*/MHz)
Frequency, GHz (b) By rectangular coordination, dB
Error Policy: Determines how the printer reacts to an error in the printing pro-
Figure 9-24: If there s already a homegroup on the network, the HomeGroup control panel will let you connect.
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and in most cases both LECs and IXCs are allowed to carry both intraLATA and interLATA domestic traf c. In the contemporary PSTN, the signi cance of LATA boundaries is largely limited to call routing.) Foreign Exchange Foreign exchange (FX or FEX) lines or trunks connect the user premises more or less directly with a foreign exchange (i.e., with an exchange other than the local exchange that normally provides local dial tone). As is the case with all leased lines, FX circuits generally are billed on a distancesensitive basis and without any consideration of usage. As is described in 3, a user organization can lease an FX circuit from Dallas, Texas, to Denton, Texas, to support outgoing and incoming traf c between those general areas; the circuit terminates in Dallas CPE but has a Denton local telephone number. Neither longdistance charges nor any other usage-sensitive charges apply to the traf c. Tie Lines and Tie Trunks Tie lines, as is described in 3, are circuits that connect KTS together directly and across the PSTN. Tie trunks connect PBXs together. Because they are leased circuits, in neither case are PSTN switches involved. Between two PBX systems, for example, the carrier(s) provide dedicated circuits that pass through wire centers housing network switches. The circuits bypass the switches, which are unnecessary in this application, yet take advantage of ampli ers or repeaters, multiplexers, and other systems and elements embedded in the carrier network. Tie trunks may be either analog or digital but usually are digital Tcarrier or E-carrier. Note that the core of the network is typically digital, so an analog tie trunk (or tie line, for that matter) usually is analog only at the local loop level. Off-Premises Extension An Off-Premises eXtension (OPX) circuit is a dedicated PSTN circuit that connects a PBX or KTS to an extension voice terminal located off premises, that is, at another location some distance away. The terminal appears to the PBX exactly as though it were an on-premises extension, providing the user with the same level of functionality. OPXs are unusual, as both the circuit and the special-purpose system interface card are expensive. Additionally, and as contemporary users often are not of ce bound, voice mail, e-mail, cellular telephony, pagers, and other technologies are adequate alternatives for most situations. 5.5.2 Switched Transport Services
for the primary-key index. The following commands configure the ProductCategory table as an infrequently updated lookup table. First, sp_help will report the name of the primary key index:
C in = C gs + C gd 1 + ( g m + gmb )
32: Using Plastic Features and Mold Tools
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