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22: Managing Your Schedule
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IS-95 forward channel (from base station to mobile) as the code to separate different users. The same codes are also used in the IS-95 reverse channel (from mobile to base) for M-ary orthogonal coding to improve the performance against the noise and interference. A stream of information bits is segmented into groups and each group represents a nonbinary information symbol, which is associated with a particular transmitted code sequence. If there are n bits per group, one of a set of K = 2n sequences is transmitted in each symbol interval. The received signal is correlated with a set of K = 2n matched lters, each matched to the code sequence of one symbol. The correlator outputs are compared, and the symbol associated with the largest output is declared to be the transmitted symbol. Example 10.25: CCK Codes in IEEE 802.11b Another popular M-ary coding technique is complementary code keying (CCK) used in IEEE 802.11b WLANs to support a data rate of 11 Mb/s on a channel that transmits 11-MS/s QPSK waveforms. A simpli ed block diagram of the basic principles of CCK is shown in Fig. 10.29. The 11-Mb/s input data stream is grouped into 8-bit symbols at 11 Mb/s/8 = 1.375 MS/s. The encoder maps each 8-bit symbol into eight four-phase coded symbols that are transmitted serially using a QPSK four-phase modulator. At the receiver, each eight received complex waveforms from the QPSK demodulator are grouped in a block and sent to the decoder to nd the closest 8-bit symbol associated with the demodulated eight four-phase signals. The chip rate and occupied bandwidth of this system are the same as that of the original 2-Mb/s IEEE 802.11 DSSS standard, but the data rate is increased to 11 Mb/s. The 256 coded symbols are selected from the 48 = 65,536 available alternatives so that they are orthogonal to one another. The following equation, recommended by the 802.11b committee, gives the mapping rule for generation of the codes: c = {ej ( 1+ 2+ 3+ 4) , ej ( 1+ 3+ 4) , ej ( 1+ 2+ 4) , ej ( 1+ 4) , ej ( 1+ 2+ 3) , ej ( 1+ 3) , ej ( 1+ 2) , ej 1 } The eight input bits are grouped into four 2-bit complex four-phase symbols. The resulting four phases, 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 , are inserted in to the equation above to nd the eight complex-coded waveforms that are serially modulated by the QPSK modem.
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Figure 11.27 Interference schematic. Interference is generated by the currents in a digital inverter. The substrate is the medium that co aples the interference into the current mirror of an analog circuit.
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You may hear people argue that you cannot pattern fillets. This is partially true and partially untrue. It is true that fillets as individual features cannot be patterned. For example, if you have a symmetrical box and a fillet on one edge and want to pattern only the fillet to other edges, this does not work. However, when fillets are patterned with their parent geometry, they are a perfectly acceptable candidate for patterning. This is also true for the more complex fillet types, such as variable radius and full radius fillets. You may need to use the Geometry Pattern option, and you may need to select all the fillets affecting a feature, but it certainly does work.
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A user account is like a bank account. Without a bank account, you have no way to access the services of a bank, store money, pay bills, take out loans, and manage your nancial affairs. If a user comes to work and cannot log on, the scene that ensues is like that for a bank account that has been closed unexpectedly.
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Choose File Open in Dreamweaver. If you re working with the book example, choose makeover_04_02.html.
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