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576 byte packets
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Generally an X-ray spectrum is composed of a background, due essentially to multiple scattering and noise, and a set of peaks (both uorescence and scattered) superimposed to the background. The quantity of interest is the net area under each photoelectric peak. To determine it, two possible approaches can be used: a model of the spectrum including the background contents as well as the peaks part; extraction of the background on the basis of a model or a priori hypothesis. The rst approach requires a complete knowledge of the sample, that is generally not available. Thus the second approach is generally used.16 18,33 After extraction and peaks identi cation, a qualitative description of the chemical elements contents can be given, due to some kind of proportionality of the peak area to the element content. However, if a quantitative determination of the concentrations is required, then peak area must be further analysed. In fact, the area of a X-ray uorescence peak (number of recorded photons during the analysis time) can be altered by enhancements and self-absorption phenomena from the matrix of the sample or from the environment (collimators, detector, air, etc.). The concentration of a given element can be obtained in several ways, and different techniques
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1 . Signals and Signal Spaces
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2 Relational Database Modeling
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To retrieve the numeric value of the error that has occurred, you would query the Err.Number property, and to get the descriptive string value of the number in the Err.Number property, you would check the Err.Description property. As you move through this section, all of this will become clearer. For now, just understand the Err object contains all of the information you need to handle an error. Note You must use either stuctured or unstructured error handling in your procedures. You cannot use both.
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Splitting with a surface body
VCS Directory Structure on the Solaris Platform
Output voltage
in this stage by substitution of the surface hydroxyl groups with the desired functional moieties.9
Another potential problem is that in some cases, other users on the Internet can see your local folders and potentially gain access to your les. You can prevent that from occurring by disabling the File and Printer Sharing service from the dial-up connection. The default condition has this service disabled. Open the Network page of the connection s property sheet and deselect the File and Printer Sharing service. In addition, deselect any protocols other than TCP/IP if they are enabled and you don t need them for a speci c reason. You should also consider enabling ICF on the interface. You ll nd ICF on the Advanced tab of the connection s properties.
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Disjoint sketches
FIGURE 7.59 The Wrap Feature options
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