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Controlling Layers
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Performing the Switch
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Figure 36-3: The Back Up Database form has two pages one to set up the backup and an options page. The backup source is configured in the General page: Database: The database to be backed up. By default this is the current database in Management Studio. Backup: The type of backup: full, differential, or transaction-log. If the database is set to the simple recovery model, transaction-log will not be available. For full or differential backups, the whole database or selected files and filegroups can be backed up. The rest of the Back Up Database form specifies the destination: Name: The required name of the backup. Description: Optional additional information about the backup. Expiration Date: SQL Server will prevent another backup from overwriting this backup until the expiration date. Destination: Sets the destination tape file or disk file. If the current destination is incorrect, delete it and add the correct destination. Contents: Displays the backups already in the selected destinations.
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Figure 15.2-2. Global title format. P, Octet is present; A, octet is absent. (From Rec. Q.713. Courtesy of ITU-T.)
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The Realities of the Flat World
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If you re the type of person who makes a lot of hand-crafted playlists, you can use the Device Setup window to ensure that only the music you care about is synchronized with the player. Just select the playlists you want copied to the device and those playlists, as well as the music contained in each, will be copied over. It s all up to you. If you choose a playlist or playlists that are too large to fit on the device, Windows Media Player will simply copy over as much as it can. Click the Shuffle option to randomly select the content that will be synced to the device. One final point about Sync: we mentioned earlier that synchronization was about more than just copying. Here s why that s true: if you configure a portable device to synchronize with certain playlists, or even, say, your entire music library, the content on the device will be updated every time you make a change to those playlists or libraries. So, if you rip a new CD to your PC and then connect the device to the PC, and that device is synchronized with your entire music library, that new content will silently and automatically be copied to the device. Likewise, if you add (or remove) a song from a playlist that is synchronized with a device, the next time you connect the device, its music library will be updated to reflect the changes you made on the PC. Maybe Bill Gates was on to something when he started talking about the magic of software after all.
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EXEC pSecurity_Assign @ContactCode = 118, @LocationCode = RDBMS, @SecurityLevel = 3
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action (e.g., suspension, re-education, apologies, termination, etc.). If management does not enforce any disciplinary measures immediately, proceed to the next level of management. Continue this until someone does take action, not only on the offender but also on the offender s management who refused to take action. 4. Proceed to other organizational sources. If local management refuses to take action, go to the legal department, the corporate ombudsman, the parent, senior management from an-
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In 1916, the average time required to establish a Bell System long distance connection was approximately eleven minutes. By 1926, it had been reduced to 5.6 minutes. The average for 1936 was 1.4 minutes. Telephone Almanac, American Telephone & Telegraph Company, 1937
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Resolved versus unsuppressed
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These sidebars discuss problems or issues you might run into out in the real world or additional considerations for you to mull over as you explore Windows Vista.
Message Acronyms STRPM STRQM
For an example of a primary key in the physical schema, suppose each customer in the Cape Hatteras Adventures database is identified by his or her Customer ID. Using SQL Server s identity column option, a new integer is automatically generated for each customer row as the row is inserted in the table.
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10: Complete Your Home Network with Windows Home Server
Enjoying Music and Video Content on Windows Phone
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