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1 Click a video clip. 2 Click the Video Tools
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Choosing a Feature Type
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s computer hardware components have become smaller and more efficient, software has moved stubbornly and consistently in the opposite direction. Operating systems have become so bloated that you now need a 2GB hard drive just to install Windows 2000 or XP an amazing fact when you consider that you used to be able to fit a PC s operating system on a diskette. Sure, today s operating systems have more features, and they come with lots of non-operating-system stuff that some use and others don t. But are they six thousand times better Surely not, but that s how much larger they ve grown. (This is one reason why more and more folks are experimenting with Linux, which is considerably less voracious for resources like disk space.) Application programs have also grown enormous. Macromedia Dreamweaver takes 60MB; Adobe Photoshop, 100MB; Microsoft Office, around 200MB; and so on. I won t go into the economics of bloatware here, except to note summarily that most software makers have little incentive to create compact code when the cost-per-megabyte of hard drives has dropped as steeply as it has in recent years. The result is that much of what we ve gained in terms of storage cost-per-megabyte we ve had to give back to feed the bloatware monster. On the data side, the fact that today s PCs can handle digital music and video moderately well means that home users, especially, are likely to download and store these inherently large files more and more. Those MP3 music files can fill a multi-gigabyte disk in a matter of months, and those 30MB music videos can do so even faster. So, you re probably going to need more storage before you know it. Even if you don t need more gigabytes, you may want faster ones. You may also come to realize that although your computer didn t come with a convenient way to back up all those megabytes in case of disk failure, you d like such a backup system, and maybe you even need one. Or you may need a convenient way to exchange large files with friends, colleagues, relatives, or clients. So, it s time for a chapter about storage upgrades, and this is it.
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Expanding somewhat on the discussion about whether or not to keep the training assembly file, here is a little exercise that you can try. Make a Smart Component by going through the preceding steps, by using the following tutorial, or by creating one of your own. Just make a simple one with perhaps one associated component and an in-context feature. Then go ahead and delete the training assembly. With the defining assembly gone, there appears to be no way to edit the setup of the Smart Component. Right-mouse button click the Smart Feature folder in the FeatureManager of the Smart Component, and select Edit in Defining Assembly, as shown in Figure 19.16. What happens next is that SolidWorks re-creates the defining assembly from the data that is stored in the Smart Component. This assembly is saved in a system temp folder using the name <Smart Component name>_ta.sldasm. If the Smart Component uses an in-context feature, it is saved to the temp directory as a library feature file using the name of the dummy part, and appending _lf to the filename; for example, Dummy_lf.sldlfp.
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Interactive Simulation at Bessemer
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16. Levy, Doug. Satellite s Death Puts Millions Out of Touch. USA Today, May 21, 1998. 17. Muller, Nathan J. Wireless PBX Systems. IT Continuous Services. Datapro Information Services, September 9, 1998. 18. Bellis, Mary. History of Pagers. http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blpager.htm. 19. Karmer, Matt. Going Beyond the Beep. PC Week, December 11, 1995. 20. Brown, Margaret J. Major Pagers. Mobile Computing & Communications, April 1998. 21. http://www.smartsynch.com/telemetry/creatalink.htm. 22. http://www.smartsynch.com/pdf/creatalinkspecs.pdf. 23. Chang, Kai. RF and Microwave Wireless Systems. Wiley, 2000. 24. Freeman, Roger L. Fundamentals of Telecommunications. Wiley, 2005. 25. DECT: The Standard Explained . White Paper, DECT Forum, February 1997. 26. Nicopolitidis, Petros, Obaidat, Mohammad, Papadimitriou, Georgios, and Pomportsis, Andreas. Wireless Networks. Wiley, 2003. 27. http://www.ou.edu/engineering/emc/standard.html. 28. IS-54B Overview. Texas Instruments Incorporated. www.ti.com/sc/docs/wireless/cellsys/ is54over.html. 29. Cellular CDMA Standard: IS-95A. Qualcomm Incorporated. Originally accessed at www.qualcomm.com/cdma/phones/whatiscdma/95a.html. 30. CDMA Technology & Bene ts. Motorola. Originally accessed at www.mot.com/CNSS/ CIG/Technology/cdma.html. 31. Sharrock, Stuart. CDMA/TDMA From Fists to Facts. Originally accessed at www. ericsson.se/Connexion/connexion3-93/techno.html. 32. Remarks by William E. Kennard, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission, to Personal Communication Industry Association of America. www.fcc.gov/Speeches/ Kennard/spwek828.html. September 23, 1998. 33. Moore, Mark. Data-Ready Cell Phones to Debut. PC Week, January 1, 1996. 34. www.qualcomm.com. 35. Dornan, Andy. Lesson 146: CDMA and 3G Cellular Networks. Network Magazine, September 2000. 36. Dornan, Andy. Broadband from Outer Space. Network Magazine, January 2002. 37. Rysavy, Peter. The Road to a Wireless Future. Network Computing, October 30, 2000. 38. Rysavy, Peter. Clear Signals for General Packet Radio Service. Network Magazine, December 2000. 39. McFall, Shaun. 3G Promises New Wireless Applications. Network World, June 11, 2001. 40. Stokes, Jeanie. Building Next-Gen Networks. Broadband Week, April 2, 2001. 41. CWTS TSM 11.21 v 3.1.0 (2002-12). China Wireless Telecommunication Standard; 3G digital cellular telecommunications system; Base Station System (BSS) equipment speci cation; Radio aspects. 42. http://www.palowireless.com/3g/docs/TD-SCDMA-China.pdf. 43. Forsberg, Birgitta. Camera Phones Wear out Welcome. Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 31, 2005. 44. Dempsey, Michael. Not-So Saturation Coverage From GSM. Global Telecoms Business, October/November 1994. 45. The Telecommunications Industry at a Glance. Originally accessed at www.itu.int/ti/ industryoverview/top20cellular.html.
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Minimax interval estimate, 276 Minimax methods pessimism, xiii, 21, 90, 95, 119, 188, 244, 284, 287 Minimax properties of L-estimate, 95 of M-estimate, 91 of M-estimate of scale, 119 of M-estimate of scatter, 229 of R-estimate, 95 Minimax redescending M-estimate, 97 Minimax robustness asymptotic, 17 finite sample, 17, 259 Minimax slope, 246 Minimax test, 259, 265 for binomial distribution, 266 for contaminated normal distribution, 266 Minimax theory asymptotic for location, 71 asymptotic for scale, 119 Minimax variance, 74 Minimum asymptotic power, 299 Mixture model, 21, 152, 154, 197, 281 Modification corruption by, 281 Modified residuals, 19, 143, 182 in computing regression estimate, 178 Modified weights, 143, 182 in computing regression estimate, 179 Monti, A.C., 318 Mood test, 113 Morgenthaler, S., 18 Mosteller, E, 8 Multidimensional estimate of location, 283 Multiparameter problems, 125 Multivariate location estimate, 219 Neighborhood closed 6-, 29 contamination, see Contamination neighborhood Kolmogorov, see Kolmogorov neighborhood Ltvy, see Ltvy neighborhood Prohorov, see Prohorov neighborhood shrinking, 294 total variation, see Total variation neighborhood Neveu, J., 23, 24, 27, 51
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