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Note: If PowerPoint options are set to check spelling as you type, red wavy lines may appear under possibly misspelled words as you type. You can right-click the word and then click an option in the shortcut menu that appears. barcode scanner data
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BPSK, simulated BPSK, theoretical 8-BOK, simulated 8-BOK, Union bound 16-BOK, simulated 16-BOK, Union bound
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24: Working with Tables and Drawings
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Part III
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high-speed, high-capacity Digital Linear Tape (DLT) systems, and a robotic library system can cost as much as $80,000. Now consider minimum restore levels, keeping the quality of backup factors described earlier in mind, as follows: Restore is required in real time (now) or close to it. Data must be no longer than a few seconds old and immediately accessible by users and systems even in the event that the primary source is of ine. In the case of industrial or medical systems, the secondary source of data must be up-to-date, and latency can be measured in milliseconds, not seconds. Your SLAs may dictate that 24-7 customers can ne you if data is of ine longer than x seconds or minutes. We call this the critical restore level. Restore is required within ten minutes of the primary source going of ine. We call this emergency restore. Restore is required within one hour of the primary source going of ine. We call this urgent restore. Restore is required within one to four hours of the primary source going of ine. We call this important restore. All other restores that can occur later than the previous ones can be considered casual restores. Figure 7-3 shows this in a visual hierarchy.
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6. Comer, Douglas E. Internetworking with TCP/IP, 2nd ed. Prentice-Hall, 1991. 7. MCI Worldcom MAE Services. Originally accessed at ned/tiers.shtml. 8. Gar nkel, Simson. Where Streams Converge. Hotwired. gar nkel/96/37/geek.html. 9. Pappalardo, Denise and Gittlen, Sandra. Is It Too Late for WorldCom s MAEs Network World, August 24, 1998. 10. Pappalardo, Denise and Marsan, Carolyn Duffy. How Ready Are the Nation s Networks Network World, November 26, 2001. 11. Pappalardo, Denise. New Florida NAPs to Improve Connectivity to Latin America. Network World, July 2, 2001. 12. Metcalfe, Bob. Coming Internet Collapse Spurring Shortsighted Proliferation of Intranets. InfoWorld, May 20, 1996. 13. Rickard, Jack. Internet Architecture. Boardwatch Magazine, 1996. Originally accessed at 14. Carl, Jeremy. Universal Access to Internet: Who Pays Web Week, May 20, 1996. 15. Goldman, Alex. Top 22 U.S. ISPs by Subscriber: Q1 2006. research/rankings/usa.html. 16. Federal Communications Commission Releases Data on High-Speed Services for Internet Access. Federal Communications Commission, July 26, 2006. http://hraunfoss.fcc. gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DOC-266593A1.doc. 17. Miller, Mark A. Implementing IPv6. M&T Books, 1998. 18. Miller, Mark A. Finding Your Way Through the New IP. Network World, December 16, 1996. 19. Jesdanun, Anick. Red Light Flashed for .xxx Domain. Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 7, 2005. 20. nd/Concise.asp z=1&pg=2&ti=761574118. 21. Dornan, Andy. Can the Internet Move Beyond Dot-Com Network Magazine, March 2001. 22. Weiss, Todd R. Domain-Name Registration Gets 64 More Languages. Computerworld, February 27, 2001. 23. Miller, Robert and Keeler, Elissa. Internet Direct: Connecting through SLIP and PPP. MIS Press, 1995. 24. Sihl, Karl. IPv6 Addresses Demand for Space. Network World, May 16, 2005. 25. Karve, Anita. Lesson 115: IP Security. Network Magazine, February 1998. 26. Smetannikov, Max. IPv6: So Far, Few Takers. Interactive Week, May 21, 2001. 27. Garretson, Cara. Bechtel Says Move to IPv6 Is All About Business. Network World, October 10, 2005. 28. Marsan, Carolyn Duffy. IPv6 Fears Seen Unfounded. Network World, December 15, 2003. 29. Saho, L. Michael. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Datapro Communications Analyst. Datapro Information Services Group, March 1994. 30. Muller, Nathan J. Using the Internet. Datapro Communications Analyst. Datapro Information Services Group, December 1994. 31. Clark, Elizabeth. Lesson 157: The Resource Reservation Protocol. Network Magazine. August 2001.
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TIP If this step sounds horribly complicated, it s really not that bad. You ll have a
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A Rayleigh distribution describes the magnitude of a complex stochastic variable whose real and imaginary parts are independent and normally distributed; more details are given below. Figure 5.14 shows that the phase is approximately uniformly distributed.
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Sometimes you may want more versatility than the PowerPoint handouts give you. You can automatically create handouts with Microsoft Word to get all the versatility and control you need. After PowerPoint creates the Word document, you can edit it just like any other Word document. You can even edit the slides by double-clicking them.
Windows wants to have a quick swap file. Regardless of how much physical memory is in the server, configure a large swap file and place it on a dedicated disk subsystem. To recap scaling out a non-SAN disk subsystem, Table 53-1 lists one possible configuration of disk subsystems.
The basic building block of a Windows 2000 network is the domain, just as in previous versions of Windows NT (see Figure 6.2). All objects that exist on a Windows 2000 network are contained in a domain, whether they be users, groups, printers, servers, domain controllers, and so on. In order to access any of these objects, an entity must be given access to the object by way of an Access Control List (ACL), which is further comprised of Access Control Entries (ACE). Permissions work much the same as they did in previous versions where access permissions are cumulative. Simply stated, the most restrictive permission is the one that is used to determine access. Domains are not only a security boundary; they are units of replication as well. In designing a Windows 2000 network with Active Directory as the backbone, it is important to note that a single domain may
The next wizard page lets you decide where to apply the new Taskpad view. You can either apply the Taskpad view to the currently selected item or you can apply it to all occurrences of the item. In other words, if you have two instances of the Disk Defragmenter snap-in, you can apply the new Taskpad view to both instances (as well as make this view the default display for both instances of the snap-in). The next screen of the wizard allows you to give a name to the new Taskpad view. By default, it takes the name of the selected snap-in. You can also add a brief description of the Taskpad view if you like. The final step is to validate your work by clicking Finish. Your new Taskpad view appears (see Figure 5.32). You have the option of adding new tasks to your new Taskpad view by selecting the New Task Wizard. The New Task Wizard allows you to create a task for the Taskpad you created earlier. You can launch the New Task Wizard immediately after you complete the New Taskpad View Wizard. After you launch it, you can select the type of command you will use:
In this tutorial, you will put together a model of a robotic arm to better understand some of the mate issues discussed in this chapter. Follow these steps to mate for success:
Internet Explorer 8 Is Not Your Father s Web Browser
Some automatic relations that appear on the cursor
5. Click Add.
Window management
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