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Next, in the Design Library, browse to features, then inch, and then the fluid power ports folder, and drag the sae j1926-1 feature onto the end of the extruded rectangle. Select the 38-24 size from the configurations list. A window appears, prompting you for reference selections, as shown in Figure 18.4.
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The much-touted PGP is the brainchild of Phil Zimmerman, a long time privacy activist. The whole idea behind the program was to allow safe communications on BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) and to protect files and folders (just like Microsoft). The first version appeared in 1991and was completely free; in fact, the source code was made widely available on Usenet and eventually the Internet. As you can imagine, it wasn t long before PGP was being used outside the United States for home use, but also by dissidents in less-than-democratic countries. The resulted in a criminal investigation of Zimmerman in 1993 for allegedly exporting munitions without a license. At the time, 40bit encryption was the strongest allowed by law; anything beyond that qualified as munitions. PGP, on the other hand, has never used less than 128-bit encryption. Fortunately for him, the investigation went nowhere. In 1996, PGP went commercial and was eventually bought by NAI. Zimmerman worked with NAI on PGP for a short period of time before quitting. NAI eventually went under and sold off PGP assets. From the ashes rose the Phoenix, and PGP Corporation was born.
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1. Name at least two different ways you can use Vista s Speech Recognition
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Device: If you have a Zune portable device, you can access its sync status and
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274 Figure 19.7 Spectral regrowth with QPSK.
Figure 4.32: New call blocking probability performance versus mean carried traffic, for comparison of the LOLIA, with 7 and 19 'local' base stations, and of FCA using a 7-cell reuse cluster, under a uniform geographic traffic distribution, for two, four and eight element antenna arrays with beamforming in a multipath environment. See Figure 4.26 for the corresponding LOS results.
Third angle projection
conductors inside the enclosure are picking up similar voltages and are now subject to RF corruption. 3. Replace the loop probe with a 50- terminator at the end of the internal coaxial cable. Any voltage that is measured with this terminator represents measurement error of the test circuit and instrumentation. Figure 9.38 illustrates the output voltage of the loop probe shown in Figure 9.37 when an ESD event is applied to the outside of the enclosure. The loop output represents a lower bound for the voltage drop on the ground plane between the two corners of the square probe. The loop output voltage attained a value of almost 4 V peak. Since the loop is approximately 2.5 cm on a side, the voltage drop on the board is at least 4 V peak over a distance of 2.5 cm! An individual device would not see this much voltage per 2.5 cm of signal path because of mutual inductance between paths and the nearby ground/power plane. However, a 4-V drop along 2.5 cm of a printed wiring board trace is not to be ignored. Figure 9.39 illustrates the loop output from the same location when an improved grounding change was implemented on the PCB. The peak voltage induced in the loop is approximately 1.6 V, a significant reduction. With improved bonding in a ground circuit, the reduction in ground bounce should not permit the ESD event to disrupt operation of the PCB.
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