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Devices with a CE or CS con guration have a high open-circuited voltage gain and a high short-circuited current gain; the input and output voltages are phaseshifted by 180 degrees. Devices with a CB or CG con guration have the highest open-circuited voltage gain and lowest short-circuited current gain; their current gain is less than but close to 1; Devices with a CC or CD con guration have the lowest open-circuited voltage gain and highest short-circuited current gain.
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There are some additional optional settings in here as well. Notably, it is a good idea to change the table_prefix setting. It can be anything you want and defaults to wp_. Additionally, four other settings are defined AUTH_KEY, SECURE_AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY, and NONCE_KEY that should all be changed to unique strings or phrases. They can be anything you want, and you ll never have to see them again. They simply help WordPress operate securely. You can auto-generate random settings for these four secure keys by visiting https://api.wordpress.org/ secret-key/1.1/ and copying and pasting the result on top of the exiting default settings. An example of randomly generated keys can be seen in Listing 2.6.
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With the Service Broker object created, messages can be placed into the queue or received from the queue. Messages exist as part of a conversation that can be divided into conversation groups.
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A MOSFET has exactly the same total area as the transistor in Problem 10.10. However, this MOSFET has a wide emitter, consisting of only one finger. Find the cutoff and the maximum oscillation frequencies. A constant-gm MOSFET operating in saturation is characterized by
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Click a SmartArt Graphic to select it. Click the SmartArt Tools Design tab. Click Change Colors. In the Primary Theme Colors gallery, click a color theme from the gallery. The SmartArt Graphic changes colors to the theme you choose.
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Table 15.1
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11.1 INTRODUCTION Ever since the invention of the rst transistor 60 years ago, semiconductor electronics has been increasingly permeating into every aspect of our daily lives.1,2 The rapid miniaturization of semiconductor electronics to the submicron scale has led to remarkable advances in computing power, while reducing cost. These advances have been made possible by many scienti c and technological innovations associated with top-down manufacturing, in which small features are patterned in bulk semiconductor materials by lithography, deposition, and other processing to form functional devices. However, signi cant waste is associated with this conventional semiconductor manufacturing process. More than 95% of the bulk of the precious silicon wafers serves no other purpose than to form a mechanical support for the circuitry patterned into its surface for microchip fabrication. The cost associated with such waste is easily absorbed into the price for high-value gadgets, such as computers, digital cameras, portable music players, or cell phones. But for products involving larger areas and higher volumes, such as at panel displays, electronic paper, or smart clothing, this cost is prohibitively high. Furthermore, the high temperatures required to grow crystalline silicon (>1400 C) and the dif culties associated with handling large brittle silicon wafers make the traditional silicon microelectronics unsuitable for large-area applications. By using only as much semiconductor material (e.g., amorphous or polycrystalline silicon) as needed for electronic circuitry, on the surface of an inexpensive substrate such as glass, signi cant reductions in cost can be achieved, thereby
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Best Practice
9 This is particularly important if the MS is not moving: without frequency hopping, it would see the same channel at all times; thus if it is in a fading dip, the Bit Error Rate (BER) would be very high.
FigurE 12-5: It s a bit funky at first, but you can move the text insertion cursor around easily once you figure out how.
Part IV
serves to reduce the amount of data that must be transmitted, thereby improving the ef ciency with which the limited bandwidth offered by an analog circuit is used. Further ef ciencies can be realized if the circuit is of good quality and, therefore, a fax modem can employ a relatively sophisticated modulation technique. Transmission rates over analog lines range from 2400 bps to 33.6 kbps over analog lines, depending on the quality of the circuit at a given moment, through the use of an ITU-T standard modem protocol. The modems test the quality of the circuit during the handshaking process that precedes the operational phase of the transmission. The modems negotiate a sustainable transmission rate in consideration of circuit quality and can dynamically adapt to changing conditions. Group III devices operating at 9.6 kbps transmit documents at business letter quality at a rate of approximately 30 s per page using the MH compression algorithm. MH is supported by all Group III devices as the lowest common denominator and yields a compression ratio of about 20 : 1 in black and white. Modi ed Read (MR), a Group III option used in some machines, scans and compresses the rst line using MH. Subsequent lines are scanned and compared to the rst line, and only the differences (deltas) are encoded and transmitted. This process continues for some predetermined number of lines in a group, at which point the process is reset and the rst line in another group is encoded using MH, and so on. MR is an optional compression algorithm that is particularly effective if there are few differences between lines. Modi ed Modi ed Read (MMR), a compression algorithm used in Group III machines operating at 14.4 kbps or better, supports transmission at a rate of as low as 3 s per page. Speci ed in ITU-T T.6, MMR uses a two-dimensional compression technique that permits the transmitting modem to view and consider multiple lines of data during the encoding process. At 28.8 kbps, Group III machines can transmit a page in about 4 s using a V.34 modem employing Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). At 33.6 kbps, Group III machines can transmit a page in about 3 s using a V.34bis (aka V.34+) modem employing Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM). (Note: Modulation techniques were discussed brie y in s 1 and 2 and will be covered in greater detail in 6.)
The Point reference geometry feature is infrequently used; however for some uses there is nothing else that does the job quite as well. Figure 3.39 shows the PropertyManager for reference geometry Point feature.
DS-1 equipment is required both for end-user organizations and for carriers; that equipment must be of the same generation in order to effect compatibility. Ideally, the user organization should use equipment of the same origin and software generic as the carrier in order to ensure access to all of the functions and features. Hardware includes channel banks, channel service units and digital service units, multiplexers, and digital cross-connect systems. Channel Banks Channel banks were among the rst DS-1 devices. Designed for voice-only service in analog applications, channel banks interface analog switches (PBXs and COs) to DS-1 circuits. Channel banks perform two functions in sequence. First, they multiplex up to 24 analog signals on a common Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) electrical bus. Second, they encode the individual PAM channels into a digital format, using PCM, for transmission over a DS-1 circuit [6, 9]. Channel banks also accommodate digital data. As relatively unintelligent devices, channel banks place each conversation on a separate channel; for example, a 9.6kbps data conversation occupies a 64-kbps channel, just as does a 56-kbps data transmission or a digitized voice conversation. Therefore, channel banks do not make ef cient use of available bandwidth. Combined channel banks and CSUs often are in the form of printed circuit boards that t into PBX card slots for seamless interface to a network T1 circuit. Channel Service Units and Digital Service Units Developed circa 1974, Channel Service Units (CSUs) and Digital Service Units (DSUs) are discussed at length in 6. As a brief recap, they are devices that, in combination, interface the user environment to the digital network at the physical level, corresponding to layer 1 of the OSI model. In contemporary systems, they generally combine into a single device, known as a Channel DSU (CDSU) or an Integrated Service Unit (ISU), which may reside under the skin of another device, such as a multiplexer. They are used in a wide variety of digital data networks, including DDS and T-carrier. Multiplexers (Muxes) Multiplexers (muxes) are a signi cant step up from channel banks in terms of intelligence, capability, and cost. Originally based on channel banks and containing CSUs and DSUs, contemporary time division multiplexers offer a tremendous range of exibility and capability. Muxes typically offer capabilities that include support for both channelized and nonchannelized service, support for multiple medium interfaces (e.g., twisted pair, coax, and ber), support for multiple trunk types [e.g., Direct Inward Dial (DID) and combination trunks], support for superrate transmission (i.e., channels of a width greater than 64 kbps), and support for subrate transmission (i.e., channels of a width less than 64 kbps). Additionally, they offer the advantages of user-de nable con guration, internal diagnostics capability, voice compression, and T-carrier-to-E-carrier protocol conversion. Intelligent muxes also have the ability to allocate bandwidth on a priority basis for speci ed users and applications, and even to reserve bandwidth, perhaps for a scheduled videoconference or large le transfer associated with a
Overview of DHCP
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