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2.14 Setup menu 1
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In this format, if the condition is true, Ruby executes only the code between the if statement and the else keyword. You can put more than one statement in each section of the if-then-else code.
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Sketch patterns are bad for rebuild speed. The more faces created by a pattern, the longer it takes to rebuild. The more sketch relations a sketch pattern has, the longer it takes to rebuild. Geometry pattern does not improve rebuild speed (unless a special end condition like Up to Surface has been used)
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automated surface techniques. Surface modeling in itself can be tedious work because of all the manual detail that you must add. Solid modeling as we know it is simply an evolutionary step that adds automation to surface modeling. The automation maintains a closed boundary of surfaces around the solid volume. Because surfaces are the underlying building blocks from which solids are made, it would make sense to teach surfaces first, and then solids. However, the majority of SolidWorks users never use surfacing, and do not see a need for it; therefore, surface functions are generally given a lower priority.
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FIGURE 17-19 The Windows NT and Windows Server 2008 domain logon and authentication stacks.
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FIGURE 15.7 Placing the Patterned Part
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Using the Pictures Hub
The Animation Pane appears all animations are listed here.
By default, when you go to add new reference dimensions to a solid model, you may see some error messages you aren t accustomed to seeing and some odd toolbars. If you are not expecting it, the DimXpert can interfere with reference dimension functionality. When you activate the Smart Dimension tool, a PropertyManager appears, giving you the option to use dimensions to drive the DimXpert (the default) or use it to place reference dimensions. Figure 23.4 shows this Smart Dimension PropertyManager for parts on the left and for drawings on the right.
Part I: SolidWorks Basics
Figure 5.6 Cross section of a thin-film, n-channel fully depleted SOI MOSFET illustrating some of the notations used in this section. In a PD SOI device, there is no interaction between the front and back depletion zones. In that case, the threshold voltage is the same as in a bulk transistor. The threshold voltage of a FD n-channel SOI device 31 (Fig. 5.6) can be obtained by solving the Poisson equation, using the depletion approximation: d2 1I/dx2 = qNa/s 1 i, which, when integrated, twice yields the potential as a function of depth in the silicon film, x:
A interface, 368 370 Um interface, 367 368 handoff, 335 power change and, 342 343 historical background, 327 initialization, 352 353 IS-54 cellular systems, 356 364 authentication, 360 362 control channel messages, 358 digital traf c channel assignment, 360 dual-mode systems, 356 359 mobile-assisted handoff, 363 364 mobile type determination, 359 360 order quali ers, 360 system capacity, 358 TDMA traf c channels, 357 358 voice and traf c channel messages, 358 359 voice privacy, 362 363 Layer 3 messages on Um interface, 380 383 circuit-switched call control messages, 382 383 mobility management messages, 382 radio resources management messages, 380 381 location identity, 375 message transmission, 336 338 mobile station/network relationships, 335 call termination connection setup, 377 379 connection release, 379 380 idle MS, 373 initialization, 372 373 location updating, 373 375 MS call origination setup, 375 377 MS location, 354 355 registration, 354 reverse access channel seizure, 353 354 signaling systems, 46 47 supplementary services, 355 tone signals, 336 supervision tone, 336 transactions applications, 460 voice channels, 328 329 Centralized control architecture, Voice over Internet Protocol telephone exchange, 654 655 Central of ce terminal (COT), access networks, 39 40 Changeback, MTP level 3 signaling network management, 197 198 Changeover, MTP level 3 signaling network management, 196 198
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