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Holistic Versus Hole-istic When people invest in portfolios of oil exploration sites, they often use the hole-istic approach. That is, they rank the places to drill hole by hole, then start at the top and go down the list until they run out of money. This ignores the holistic effects of portfolios. Real Portfolios at Shell For several years, Shell has been using Probability Management to manage its portfolios of petroleum exploration sites in a more holistic manner. Real Options An example of a real option is a gas well in which you have the choice of whether or not to pump depending on the price of gas. Some Gratuitous Inflammatory Remarks on the Accounting Industry You can t rely on accountants to detect risks because generally accepted accounting principles are built on the Flaw of Averages.
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SELECT DATEDIFF(yy, 1984/5/20 , Getdate()) AS MarriedYears, DATEDIFF(dd, 1984/5/20 , Getdate()) AS MarriedDays
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the physical environment at a required quality level will become more difficult, and a different partitioning scheme between analog technology and digital technology may well be ahead.
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8. Make sure your PC is off. 9. Connect the signal cable (USB, parallel, serial, or network) to the printer (see Figure 5.12), then to the PC. If you use a parallel connection, secure the cable to the printer with the two retaining clips, and secure it to the PC with the screws or knurled knobs provided. 10. Turn on the printer and see if it passes its self-test. Usually it will have an indicator light somewhere that will eventually glow green if everything s OK internally. Some printer models have an LCD panel that will display a message like Ready or OK. 11. Assuming the unit passes its self-test, turn on the PC. If you re running Windows 95 or newer, the operating system will probably detect the device automatically and install the drivers for it. The PC may ask you for your Windows CD-ROM. Alternatively, it may ask for a CD-ROM provided by the printer manufacturer, in which case you should use that. Either way, follow the directions on screen.
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7. Replace the slot cover plate screw. 8. Disconnect the antistatic wrist strap. 9. Put the cover back on the PC. 10. Reconnect the keyboard, mouse, display, and any other peripheral cables.
1 In your Web page editor of choice, open the HTML file to which you d like to add a map or directions.
Example of arithmetic coding of the source sequence ABAC according to the probabilities of each
The content and message you most want to communicate should be placed in the content div in the center column. For example, with the OC site, I designed a graphic, headline, and short paragraph blurbs all focused on the get involved message. (The small 48-x-48 graphic icons beside each story are a nice touch, if I do say so myself.)
ward actually setting up a video system. He described, but never really built, a mechanical image-scanning device that he imagined could transmit pictures over wires like a telegraph message. His image scanning concept introduced the idea of a point-by-point, sequential inspection of a scene, left to right and top to bottom, just as our eyes scan a printed page. The time-varying brightness encountered at each successive point, he thought, would generate a pulsating electric current that could be transmitted over telegraph lines to a remote viewing point. Nipkow s fundamental concept of the image scanning process is basic to the television system we use today. Imagine a postage-stamp-size window in a black sheet. Immediately behind the window, place a one-foot-diameter disk punched near its edge with tiny holes spaced apart exactly the width of the window. A light source behind the disk would cause each hole to trace a visible line across the window as the disk rotates. If each hole were to be placed a little closer to the center than the one before it, a vertical component would be added to the sequence of lines seen in the window. The lighted patch would then take on the appearance of a luminous surface, or tiny viewing screen, as the disk continues to rotate. In the very beginning, only a dozen or so scanning lines were crudely punched into a cardboard disk in order to create this
TABLE 14.1 Bandwidth of zero capacitor, C = 15 pF, SRF = 1.394 GHz Assigned critical value of S21, dB 10 20 30 Bandwidth, MHz 370 165 70
6 Xe: 760 Torr E/P = 0.5 V cm 1 Torr 1 5 Electron energy (eV)
29: Using SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tools
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