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Windows 7 Starter File backup Backup to network System image backup Previous Versions System Restore Yes Yes Yes Yes Home Basic Yes Yes Yes Yes Home Premium Yes Yes Yes Yes Enterprise and Ultimate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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In the On position, the phone s cellular (voice and data), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth radios function normally and can be configured via their individual Settings interfaces (Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, respectively). So when Airplane Mode is disabled, you re free to enable or disable the other features independently. When Airplane Mode is set to Off, all three of the radio types are shut down in unison. When the phone is in Airplane Mode, a tiny Airplane Mode icon appears in the status bar, as shown in Figure 15-5.
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The External References page, shown in Figure B.34, contains some settings that you should be familiar with, particularly if you deal with assemblies, in-context relations, or other more involved assembly reference functions.
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Figure 15-13: Media Center and Windows 7 both have their own ways of configuring sound.
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Unmodulated Carrier 1 1 0 0
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Tag: wp_logout() Description: Logs a user out and destroys session and cookie information. Returns: True or False Arguments: None
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Vbi + IVcBI
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bringup Your Key to the E10000
3 Click Save.
CrossReference A discussion of using custom attributes for CLR integration types in SQL Server 2005 is presented in 27, Programming CLR Assemblies within SQL Server.
You can also specify the exact level to which you want to zoom. In the same drop-down menu as the fixed increments, click Custom and enter the level of your choice.
Adding a Web Reference
Fig. 8.16
Currently selected cube/perspective Drag & Drop function definitions from this tab Account Dimension Folder organizing hierarchies into groups Attribute (single-level) Hierarchy User (multi-level) Hierarchy First level (single dot) in hierarchy Members in first level of hierarchy
Absolute Measurement
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