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Registration, Records, and Resolving Names
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1. Click Tools Customize Keyboard. 2. In the Search For text box, type Options. 3. Click in the Shortcut column, and type O. 4. Click again in the Search For text box, and type Customize. 5. Click in the text box next to the Tools Customize entry and press Ctrl+C. Answer no to the question of whether you want to reassign the hotkey. Press Ctrl+T instead.
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2. Initiate the feature, and set the type of rib and the direction. Use the Flip Material Side toggle to change the direction of the gray arrow, which should point from the top of the rib toward the part. 3. Set the thickness and draft amount and direction.
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A second method used for visualizing Sketch On Sketch projected curves is the intersecting surfaces method. In this method, you can see the curve being created at the intersection of two surfaces that are created by extruding each of the sketches. This method is shown in Figure 7.26.
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With a full C programming environment pre-installed on your Ubuntu system, you re ready to start coding C programs. This section walks through the basics of programming in C.
MultiSelect (Public Instance Property)
6 Transmission sample 4 I0 Rotation (deg) 2 0 2 H parallel k 4 6 680 H anti-parallel k H NdFeB magnets
The newer set of sheet metal tools that are available in SolidWorks is known as the Base Flange method. These tools are extremely powerful, and in most cases are very easy to use and understand. The setup of defaults is kept in the initial Sheet Metal feature, and all of the bends and bend lines are contained in the final Flat Pattern feature.
SolidWorks Basics
Managing the Cursor
As you add music to your collection, you may discover that Windows Media Player s reliance on album art as a visual means for quickly finding your music is a liability, as some music won t have the correct album art. Instead, you ll just see a black square. If this happens, fear not: it s easy to add album art to your blanked-out music. There are two ways: manual and automatic. To manually add album art to your blanked-out albums, search the Web or browse to a Web site like using your Web browser and then search for each album, one at a time. The Amazon Web site is an excellent repository of album art: Simply click the See Larger Image link that accompanies each album and then drag the image from the Web browser onto the blanked-out image in Windows Media Player, as shown in Figure 11-18. Voil ! Instant album art. (You can also use Copy and Paste to apply album art: just use the Windows Copy functionality from Explorer; then right-click the album cover in Windows Media Player and choose Paste Album Art from the pop-up menu that appears.)
Notes: (1) Send_To_Resource_Final and Send_To_Resource_Interaction have the same operation code. The messages are differentiated by Resource Type (Par.28). (2) Update_Data is a Return-Result component. Source: TR-NWT-001285. Reprinted with permission of Bellcore. Copyright # 1992.
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