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If you right-click a picture and select Picture Details, you can actually perform tasks on the picture; for example, you can rotate or edit pictures, as shown in Figure 16.18.
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16: Ruby Introduction
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Correspondingly, the system function of the filter can be written as
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FIGURE 7.36 The Round Corners option, both on and off
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You can set the camera angle now, but you should experiment a little first. In the left viewport, you can zoom the view up to a small window. Zoom to fit or otherwise zoom out until you can see the sketched spline. A yellow dot connects the lens of the camera to the spline. Drag the yellow dot around the spline slowly and observe the result in the right window. The image on the right in Figure 33.12 shows the arrangement of the viewports. As you drag the camera around the path, watch to make sure that the model stays in the field of view. Sections of the right viewport are grayed out to represent the visible field of view through the camera. If portions of the model go out of the field of view, or you feel that the camera is too far away or too close to the model, you can move the camera or change the lens. To move the camera, exit the camera PropertyManager and edit the 3D sketch.
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Fix projected length
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You re done. Feel free to test the results: Switch the user to Kate, type her password, and try using nano to write and save a change to that file. code read datamatrix code
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line-height: 1.35em;
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Figure B.17
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Editing the Windows registry can be dangerous if you make a mistake. Do not attempt this method is you have any doubts about what you are doing.
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Installing Vista
18.3.4 Combination with Other Multiaccess Methods
Flange Length
Part VI - VB .NET and the Web
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There s nothing terribly complicated about these methods, but you should pay close attention to where the values that feed them come from. The params array passes in the values, and you can feed it directly to the call to This is exactly how you learned to create a new class instance in 16 and how you worked with ActiveRecord earlier in this chapter. But then, having saved your new list, you do something new: a call to the method redirect_ to. Normally, a Rails controller method automatically loads the view that corresponds to the method s name the show method will load a view called show.html.erb. But in this case, you just want the method to do some work and then reload the show view. By supplying redirect_to with the proper action and list id, you can accomplish that.
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