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As I mention earlier, every Sticky Note you create is automatically stored as part of this Vista tool, so that the next time you open Sticky Notes, each of your messages is available to you. However, you can also choose to export these items essentially saving your Sticky Notes to your computer as a new document file.
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TABLE 16.2-1 Fields in TCAP Messages Message Portion Field Type C P P P C C C C P Function Identi es the message type and length Manages dialogs Manages dialogs Describes reason for abort by TR sublayer Delimits the Dialog portion Sets up the Application Contexta
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1. Open the Control Panel and select Security. 2. Choose the Security Center option.
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Similar to the wp_head() function, the wp_footer() function is also a wrapper around the wp_footer action hook. It also should be included in every theme because many plugins, particularly analytics plugins, use this hook to include code in the blog footer. As a general rule, wp_footer() should be included before the closing </body> tag, as shown in Listing 12.3.
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cation and looked forward to receiving it each week. And our circulation and advertising grew as a result. The one powerful trigger of consistency also worked for our advertisers. Keeping a regular schedule and the same format while changing the copy proved to be successful for our advertisers as well. The big advantage of a newspaper is the fast response time your ability to get your ad into a paper quickly and the speed of the response you receive after your ad appears. The life of each issue of a daily newspaper is usually just a few days, so your prospect will generally respond quickly during that time frame. For a weekly, the life of an issue is typically around 10 days. Frequency is also an important consideration if you are running retail advertising for such establishments as restaurants, car dealerships, furniture stores, clothing outlets and real estate sales. Another nice feature of running ads in newspapers is the sheer volume of newspapers available to advertise in. If your ad works, it can be run nationally and reach millions of people in a relatively short period of time. If you have a product or service that would appeal to the general public and it is priced low enough while representing good value, newspapers are a good choice. For a higher-priced product, re ne your choice of newspapers to the more upscale papers such as the Wall Street Journal or many of the other business publications. Billboards A billboard uses few words to convey its message, so those words must be very powerful or create immediate awareness or the billboard is useless. From your research you must write a single headline and, at the most, a minimal subheadline, accompanied by a graphic that conveys the big idea you re trying to convey. Here is where simplicity is the controlling factor. Your message has to be so simple and direct that occupants of cars passing by at 75 miles an hour can pick out the message and quickly grasp its meaning.
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29 Using the Base Flange Method for Sheet Metal Parts 30 Using the Insert Bends Method for Sheet Metal Parts 31 Using Weldments 32 Creating and Using Macros
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