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33 InfoPath and SQL Server 2005
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Part IV
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FIGURE 20.6 Custom property formatting in the title block
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The Log On property page contains the following controls: Local System Account. Select to have the service log on using the local System account. Allow Service to Interact with Desktop. Select to allow the service to provide a UI for the currently logged-on user to interact with the service. This setting has no effect if the service isn t designed to provide a UI. This Account. Select and specify an account in the associated text box (or browse through the account list) to have the service log on with an account other than the local System account. Password/Con rm Password. Enter and con rm the password for the account speci ed in this account. Enable/Disable. Select a hardware pro le from the list of pro les and click Enable to enable the service in that pro le, or Disable to disable the service in the pro le.
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The case study that we are carrying out on Semantic Web tools under eld conditions is to be seen as an exploration study. It does not constitute a comprehensive comparative study. For this we would need more information retrieval tools (both standard ones and ontology-based semantic access tools) and in addition a larger group of subjects to compare the results and extract statistically signi cant empirical conclusions. However, this exploratory case study will give a good indication as to what directions we should aim for semantic tools and methods in the future.
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The selected file will open when you click the button during the slide show.
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The primary function of the Split feature is to split a single solid body into multiple bodies. You do this with sketches, planes, or surface bodies, and I discuss it in depth in 26. The Split feature can save both the preexisting bodies and any bodies that result from the split as individual part files using the Stock feature as the initial feature in the part.
Note: O, optional; M, mandatory.
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selenium, zinc, copper and iron concentrations in blood, liver, kidneys, colon, and skin were signi cantly different in tissue samples obtained from mice inoculated with tumours and normal mice (Feldstein et al., 1998). The rubidium level in a tumour was one order of magnitude higher than in normal tissue.
3. A single weight may be replaced, for the purposes of deducing centres of gravity, by two or more weights which have the same centre of gravity and the same total weight.
Item (Public Instance Property)
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