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Using Windows Live ID to Access Your Social Networks and Other Services
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Part II
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BOM Contents
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FIGURE 1.4 The main Quick Tip window
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Click the download link for OS X hosts and then save the file to your desktop. Type www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download in your browser to open the Ubuntu download page, as shown in Figure 2.2. As of this writing, the current version is 9.10. Choose your nearest download location from the pop-up menu and then click Begin Download. Save the file to your desktop. While Ubuntu is downloading, mount the VirtualBox disk image by double-clicking the .dmg file you downloaded. A VirtualBox volume appears on your desktop. When you open that volume, you find the installer application, as shown in Figure 2.3. Double-click the VirtualBox.mpkg icon and then follow all the steps, accepting all the default options. Once the installation is complete, open the VirtualBox application, now located in your /Applications folder. Click Next to create a new virtual machine to run your instance of Ubuntu Linux. Figure 2.2 The Ubuntu Linux download page
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Figure 22.2 How lters are made. Filters are made of an array of coupled resonators (power leaks from one resonator to the next).
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turn address), most of the recipients will open it out of curiosity. After all, it might be a credit card (many credit cards are sent this way). If the envelope has your company name and address and the person receiving it recognizes it as a company he or she has bought from before, chances are they will open it. A computer-addressed envelope that looks like it was individually typed provides a strong incentive to open the envelope as well. A good tip is for you to study the mail that comes into your mailbox. Which ones do you open and which ones do you quickly throw out Often you are representative of the people who are your prospects. What works can be easily determined if you test every mailing piece you send out against a different version of the same mailing piece. Testing is the critical factor that makes a big difference in the success of anything you do in direct marketing. And as a copywriter you can learn so much by observing what works and what doesn t. Newspapers Newspapers are one topic I can speak about from a great deal of experience. Not only have I advertised in many daily and weekly newspapers, but I actually published a weekly newspaper, the Maui Weekly, for six years in Maui, Hawaii, before I sold it to the island s daily newspaper in 2005. If the ad you are placing in a newspaper is a mail order ad, it should pay for itself and cover the cost of the insertion the rst time it appears. If you are advertising something that promotes a retail establishment, then frequency is a major key. Putting an ad in a paper only once is simply a waste of time and money. Often people don t respond right away. There is a lag time between seeing your ad the rst time and then seeing it so often that a level of trust develops. Or it could be simply the time isn t quite right when the ad rst appears because of other events in the community. Let s say you are advertising a restaurant. The ad is to appear each week in the dining section of the weekly newspaper
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the observed data, and according to (5.174):
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TABLE 9.4 Selected Parameters for Modems Providing Several Steps in Data-Rate Increase Over QPSK Modulation Modulation QPSK 8-PSK 16-QAM 64-QAM Data Rate R 1.5R 2R 3R Coding 8-TCM 16-TCM 32-TCM 128-TCM
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X-Ray source
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network routers set FECN and BECN bits in frames owing in both directions so that both the originating and the destination FRADs are advised of the condition and have the option of adjusting accordingly, if capable of doing so. As the PVCs are susceptible to catastrophic failure, backup PVCs (not shown) also typically are in place. Should both SNA traf c and LAN traf c be supported over the subject network, either the demanding and well-behaved SNA traf c is assigned to the CIR by the FRAD, with the LAN traf c sent in frames marked DE, or a separate PVC is provided in its support. In addition to public, carrier-based Frame Relay services, a number of end-user organizations run the Frame Relay protocol over their legacy T/E-carrier, leasedline private networks. This approach takes advantage of both the performance characteristics of the legacy network and the protocol independence of Frame Relay, thereby enabling the sharing of the existing infrastructure for a wide variety of data traf c (e.g., SDLC, LAN-to-LAN, and IP-based traf c). As the leased-line network is private and dedicated, rather than public and shared, issues of congestion management are entirely under the control of the user organization. Therefore, desired performance levels are easily established and controlled. In such an environment, issues of congestion that might affect voice and video in a negative way are eliminated. Virtually all the major manufacturers of T/E-carrier nodal MUXs support Frame Relay through special interface cards. 10.1.10 Voice over Frame Relay
The theme immediately becomes the default theme. Any blank presentation you create uses that theme. To return to the original default theme, set the Office Theme as the default. If you position your mouse over a theme in the gallery, a ScreenTip with the theme name appears.
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