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Domain D
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X-Ray Spectrometry: Recent Technological Advances. Edited by K. Tsuji, J. Injuk and R. Van Grieken 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd ISBN: 0-471-48640-X
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Controlling Items with Configurations
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The query uses a clustered index scan to read the data, followed by a sort operation to order the data by StartDate. The sort operation is the clue that an index is missing. Creating an index on StartDate alters the execution plan:
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any releases ago, SolidWorks changed the way that the software dealt with sheet metal parts. In the old way, the sheet metal part was created through normal modeling features, mainly centered on thin feature extrudes, but also including shell features. It did not matter how you got the geometry, as long as it had a consistent thickness and the edge faces were sheared perpendicular to the material. The new way uses a functional feature approach, which greatly simplified the feature order requirements, and at the same time added some powerful and easy-to-use feature types. This new way is what is now called the Base Flange method, and is the main tool for sheet metal creation that most sheet metal designers use today. The Insert Bends (old) method is still viable, but it is typically relegated to being used with imported parts and special uses such as creating rolled conical sheet metal parts or building a sheet metal part from a solid model.
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The breakdown point is, roughly, the smallest amount of contamination that may cause an estimator to to take on arbitrarily large aberrant values. In his 1968Ph.D. thesis, Hampel had coined the term and had given it an asymptotic definition. His choice of definition was convenient, since it gave a single number that for the usual estimators would work across all sample sizes, apart from minor round-off effects. However, it obscured the fact that the breakdown point is most useful in small sample situations, and that it is a very simple concept, independent of probabilistic notions. In the following 15 years, the breakdown point made fleeting appearances in various papers on robust estimation. But, on the whole, it remained kind of a neglected stepchild in the robustness literature. This was particularly regrettable, since the breakdown point is the only quantitative measure of robustness that can be explained in a few words to a non-statistician. The paper by Donoho and Huber (1983) was specifically written not only to stress its conceptually simple finite
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4. Select the Start Menu tab (if it is not already selected).
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where b i k ) E { 1,-l}. There is a distinct user signature sequence ( t )associated with the kth user, which is similar to that of Equation 1.4, with the exception of a superscript,
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Figure 6-19: A Notepad document with a lot of typing, all on one long line.
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Best practice for File Locations is to create a library folder somewhere other than the default SolidWorks installation folder. When you upgrade SolidWorks, change computers, change jobs, or share data with coworkers, this data is portable. File types that you can store this way include document and table templates, formats, logos, blocks, Design Library parts, library features, forming tools, special fonts, gauge tables, customized symbol files, material libraries, macros, and basically anything else on the list that you have improved from its default, installed state.
The Games folder
The fact that the transients are not thermally activated led to the conclusion that this behavior was in fact due to the quantum mechanical tunneling of a charge from traps located close to the interface (illustrated in Fig. 6.3). What occurs here is that immediately after the electron-filling step, the traps located close enough to the SiSiO 2 interface tunnel out into the substrate, resulting in a gradually decreasing negative oxide charge and, consequently, a gradually decreasing threshold voltage. It is this decreasing threshold voltage that causes the transients seen in Figure 6.8. Analysis of the transient shows that it does not consist of a single time constant, nor a continuum of time constants, but rather several distinct values well separated in time. This suggests that the traps are situated at discrete distances into the oxide. Before leaving this type of damage, several further points should be noted:
FIGURE 5.10 Placing the centerpoints of holes
Part III: Working with Assemblies
Each sketch picture must be in a separate sketch. Figure 6.10 demonstrates the use of multiple sketch pictures to trace the outline of a vehicle, with the partially complete model shown with the images.
The Clear method clears the contents of the DictionaryBase collection. It is declared in the DictionaryBase class in the following manner: NotOverridable Public Sub Clear() The code in Listing 11-9 demonstrates the use of the Clear method. Listing 11-9: Clearing the DictionaryBase
27: C Programming
Dim Result as Integer Result = var1.GetUpperBound(0) Result = var1.GetUpperBound(1) Result = var1.GetUpperBound(2) 'Returns 10 'Returns 20 'Returns 30
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