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Part II
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In Dreamweaver, you choose File Open, select the file from the Open dialog box, and then click Open. Alternatively, you can create a new page that is specifically designated as your search page.
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Whenever your plugin needs to output text to an XML file, you need to sanitize commonly used HTML entities, like   or ", into extensible markup language (XML)-safe entities. To do this, use the WordPress function ent2ncr(). In Listing 17.2, the ent2ncr() function replaces ".
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The Secure Startup Wizard starts, as shown in Figure 4-23.
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Part III
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Executing Remote Stored Procedures
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I recommend two resources in this area. First, The Visual Display of Quantitative Data by Edward Tufte is a classic in informational design that should be on everyone s bookshelf, if not coffee table.5 Second, How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff is a classic on disinformational design, rst published in the 1950s, which
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You need to set this link in case the visitor decides to skip your prized introduction and simply go to the normal home page.
12.4 BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR WITH CE (COMMON EMITTER) CONFIGURATION A bipolar transistor with CE con guration indicates that the emitter is a common reference point or AC grounded point of input and output terminals, which is plotted in Figure 12.7. In Figure 12.7(a), two zero capacitors, which approach zero impedance at the operating frequency, function as DC blocking capacitors and are symbolized by Czero. The in nite inductor functions as an RF choke, which approaches in nite impedance at the operating frequencies and which is therefore symbolized as Lin nite. The collector resistor Rc leads the DC power to the collector. Figure 12.7(b) is a small signal model of a CE device with an AC grounded emitter, in which all zero capacitors and the in nite inductor have been ignored. 12.4.1 Open-circuited Voltage Gain Av,CE of a CE Device
FIGURE 9.33 Performance of broadband modems in a bandlimited channel with a xed bandwidth of 10 MHz [Fal96].
Part III
Even though Microsoft covers what kind of video adapter and graphics cards to buy for use with Windows Vista, the question of monitors never really arises. If you buy a computer with Windows Vista included, this won t be an issue. However, if you are upgrading or building your own system, you should strongly consider middle- to upper-range LCD monitors. If possible, avoid CRT (traditional) monitors. Be sure to verify the monitor s minimum and maximum resolutions before purchasing.
This chapter is not a comprehensive how-to guide for API programming. That would be a book unto itself. However, the end of this chapter does offer some useful resources for help with macros.
EndsWith( ), StartsWith( )
SolidWorks provides a vast amount of plastics functionality. In this chapter, I ve given you an introduction but there is far more for you to learn as you go. These features will become second nature after you have used them a couple of times. The power and flexibility is amazing when you think of the incredible range of parts that you can make with these features.
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