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Use this wizard to simulate GP application on a target OU, or users, computers, and groups, with various settings such as loopback mode, slow network connection, and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) lters. You can also bypass the wizard and either run GPRESULT (which runs in the command window) or the RSOP.MSC tool. To build a report of GP results on a target user and computer, open the Resultant Set of Policy console (rsop.mmc) on the target computer. Before loading the console, the RSoP gathers GP information targeting the current machine and logged-on user. The RSoP console then launches with this information. You can use the same console to target other machines (mainly workstations) and computers.
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The settings shown in the Relations/Snaps page control sketch snapping behavior. Most of the Sketch Snaps can also be accessed using the Quick Snaps toolbar. Other snapping and automatic relation settings can also be accessed in the menus at Tools Sketch Settings or Tools Relations. See Figure B.22.
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hile this book focuses exclusively on you, the end user, the truth is that Windows 7 is a slave to many masters and must serve the needs of hundreds of millions of users, each one of which has different needs and wants. That said, one might easily break down the end user features and functionality in Windows 7 into three core groups: those that serve consumers, those that serve businesses, and those that serve both. That latter category is easily defined. It includes such things as Windows 7 s pervasive security features, Tablet PCs, productivity enhancements in the Aero user experience, and networking. Consumer features, such as Windows Media Player, Media Center, and gaming, are also easily defined and identified. And so it is, too, with Windows 7 s business-oriented features. You don t have to understand what features like AppLocker, BranchCache, and PowerShell 2.0 do in order to recognize that they re probably not going to be of interest to your grandmother. But they play a critical role in defining what Windows 7 is, and thus what benefits it offers to different segments of the market. In this chapter, we look at the most important business-oriented features in Windows 7. But even for the purposes of this discussion, we ll need to break down those features into two broad groups. There are the features aimed at enterprises, those companies that have highly managed network environments, typically controlled by Microsoft s Windows Server-based Active Directory infrastructure; and then there are those business features that can, in many cases, apply to all Windows 7 users, including those who are simply individuals with a single Windows 7 PC. In the case of the former features, we present a high-level overview so that you can at least become conversational in what is possible when Windows 7 is introduced into a managed workplace, and perhaps influence buying and migration decisions down the road. In the case of those business features that can and often should be implemented at an individual level, we will of course dive a bit deeper and explain how they work in the real world. Ultimately, the goal of this book is to turn Windows 7 users into Windows 7 power users, and we can t think of a better way to leave you than with a discussion of the ultimate power user tools that are available in Windows 7.
Catch ex As Exception generic error handling for sample. Throw (ex) Finally close the variables If cmd IsNot Nothing Then cmd.Dispose() If conn IsNot Nothing Then conn.Close() If dr IsNot Nothing Then dr.Close() End Try End Sub End Class VB.NET 2005 introduces the IsNot keyword, which provides a more intuitive reading for conditional logic tests. This functions the same as the previous syntax, Not <variable> Is <value>. Data objects should access their databases through stored procedures whenever possible. This provides the best insulation from database implementation changes. At the very least, externalize the SQL statements and parameterize them as necessary.
Figure 51-4: When the rows returned by a select are altered by another transaction, the phenomenon is called a phantom row.
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FIGURE 23.11 Using the Override Dimension value
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