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Table 20-1: SourceSafe Options for Visual Studio .NET Projects Already in SourceSafe Command Function SourceSa fe project into a working directory, and opens it in the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Add Project From Source Control Adds a project from SourceSa fe into the current solution. Excludes the selected file from being under source control. Files excluded from source control have a red circle with a line through it next to the filename (see Figure 2027). Allows the project SourceSa fe provider to be changed to a new resource location, such as from a primary server to
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FIGURE 2.15 The Reference Geometry toolbar
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SELECT C.FirstName, C.LastName, C.Region FROM dbo.Customer AS C WHERE EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.BaseCamp AS B WHERE B.Region = C.Region) ORDER BY LastName, FirstName
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Figure 22-4: Windows Live Calendar can be customized with fun themes.
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Before you embark on installing memory in the section after this one, get familiar with the common package types. Thankfully, you re likely to bump into only three: SIMM, DIMM, and RIMM.
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Figure 1.1. Random variables (a) and random processes (b).
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Suppose we were given the task of designing an ampli er to faithfully reproduce the signal shown in Figure 9.1. One of the rst questions we would need to ask is how often does the signal repeat itself If the entire horizontal axis of the gure represents a 1 s interval, then would we say that because the rst half of the trace is positive and the second half of the trace is negative, the signal therefore repeats itself once per second Or would we say that perhaps the signal repeats itself ve times because ve separate excursions can be seen in the pattern. What about all of the smaller variations in the signal A more constructive way to analyze this signal is to view it as the summation of several perfect sinusoids at different frequencies. Figure 9.2 shows three sinusoidal signals that form the trace in Figure 9.1 when we add them together. There is a sinusoid with a frequency of 1 cycle/s, another at 5 cycles/s, and a third at 16 cycles/s (or Hertz). All signals can be analyzed as the sum of several sinusoidal signals at different frequencies. Even square waves are actually the sum of an in nite number of harmonically related sinusoids at different frequencies. Analyzing signals in terms of their frequencies is called spectrum analysis. Analyzing the signal in Figure 9.1 with a spectrum analyzer tells the ampli er designer that they need to design an amp that can faithfully reproduce everything from 1 to 16 Hz.
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HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ MicrosoftSQLServer\<instance_name>\MSSQLServer\LoginMode
The rst-generation cellular systems developed in Europe were patterned after the AMPS system. However, each system has its own national standards, and a MS designed to work with the cellular system of a particular country cannot roam in another country. In 1982, the Conference Europeenne des Postes et Telecommunications (CEPT) established a Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSM) to start the de nition of a Pan-European standard for a digital second-generation cellular system [8,9]. The resulting system is known today as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). In 1988, the responsibility for GSM standards was transferred to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). GSM was rst deployed in 1993 and has gained wide acceptance, in part because GSM mobiles can roam in any country with a GSM network. As of November 1994, it was serving two million subscribers in 26 European countries and had been adopted by another 26 countries outside Europe. GSM radio channels are in the 900-MHz band. In the United Kingdom and Germany, this band was already allocated to other services, and these countries use the DCS1800 mobile system, which is very similar to GSM, but operates in the 1.8-GHz band. GSM is a rather complicated system. This section presents a brief overview [8 11,14]. Signaling between a MS and a GSM network is discussed in Sections 12.8 and 12.9.
A personal home page in SkiM (top part)
The idea of fault tolerance in a computer system revolves around the concept that the computer (or server, in this case) should have the capability to deal with a hardware or software failure. Probably the easiest failure to deal with is a power loss. To counter this type of failure, you can simply use an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), but would using a UPS actually constitute fault tolerance A UPS doesn t have the capability to run forever, so you are actually merely postponing the inevitable. A better solution is to have two or more power supplies in the server that are both connected to uninterrupted power supplies. During a power outage, one UPS can supply power to the server, while the other one is charged offsite. Dual power supplies, however, brings up a topic all its own. Having dual components is a must for any server that has to be extremely fault tolerant. To have a true fault-tolerant system, therefore, you need two network interface cards, two power supplies, multiprocessors, and two drives. All these items seem to be good ideas, but what good would two hard drives do Assuming that all the data from Drive 1 is copied to Drive 2, a failure would result in you needing to power down the machine and move Drive 2 into the
1 dB compression point = 1.25 dBm
Thus, there is a clear need for the web to become more semantic. The aim of introducing semantics into the web is to enhance the precision of search, but also enable the use of logical reasoning on web contents in order to answer queries. The CORPORUM OntoBuilder toolset is developed speci cally for this task. It consists of a set of applications that can ful l a variety of tasks, either as stand-alone tools, or augmenting each other. Important tasks that are dealt with by CORPORUM are related to document and information retrieval ( nd relevant documents, or support the user nding them), as well as information extraction (building a knowledge base from web documents to answer queries), information dissemination (summarizing strategies and information visualization), and automated document classi cation strategies. First versions of the toolset are encouraging in that they show large potential as a supportive technology for building up the Semantic Web. In this chapter, methods for transforming the current web into a semantic web are discussed, as well as a technical solution that can perform this task: the CORPORUM tool set. First, the toolset is introduced; followed by some pragmatic issues relating to the approach; then there will be a short overview of the theory in relation to CognIT s vision; and nally, a discussion on some of the applications that arose from the project.
Table 6-2: vim Editing Commands
All the changes in Microsoft DirectX 10, detailed in this chapter, serve two primary purposes: n To improve security n To make using graphics easier for home users Let s take a closer look at some of the essential changes that are featured in Microsoft DirectX 10. These are detailed in the following sections.
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