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Encoding Quick Response Code in Java Note: RAT, radio access technology; MS, mobile station; BS, base station.

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It is preferable to select the surface from the Surface Bodies folder, rather than the feature list or the graphics window. In this case, you want to extrude up to a body. If you make the selection from the feature list, then you are likely to select a feature (which is okay in this situation, but not in all situations). If you make the selection from the graphics window, then the selection is likely to be interpreted as a face. It is best to be as explicit as possible when making selections because SolidWorks may interpret your selection literally. In this case, it is probably a better idea to use Up To Body for the end condition than Up To Surface, because the goal is really to use the surface body as the end of the feature. n
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In most cases, Windows Server 2008 provides multiple, prede ned con gurations for devices, such as a combination of a speci c IRQ and I/O range. Deselect the Use Automatic Settings option and then select a different con guration set from the drop-down list. To modify individual settings, rst click in the Resource Settings list the resource you want to change and then click Change Setting. Specify the desired setting in the resulting dialog box and click OK.
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Doppler spectra forbeamwidths of 2 , 10 and 20 degrees for a mobile moving at angles of 0, 45 and 90 degrees with respect to the main LOS component, with a base station to mobile distance of 3 km, where the scatterers are all located within a circle of 1 km radius of the mobile.
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The Dimension Text panel enables you to add text to the dimension. You can add lines of text both above and below the dimension value itself, and you can also add text before and after the DIM value on the same line. The DIM field is what places the actual value; if this syntax is somehow deleted, you can type it back in and the dimension will still work. The Dimension Text panel includes some formatting tools, such as justification settings and a setting for the position of the dimension line. The last two rows of buttons include the more commonly used symbols, with access to the complete library, such as any custom symbols that you may have made for the library.
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