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3. Coercion. Make it unbearably painful to continue to resist. The buyer might use the financial pressure inherent in evaluations, incentive compensation, and bonuses; job assignments might be increasingly unpleasant; status may be reduced; there can even be threats about retaining one s position. This is a tactic solely within the purview of the buyer, since the consultant wields no such power. Move the implementers by whatever means necessary, but move them. Finally, there are stakeholders of various types and varying degrees. These are people whose work or results will be impacted by the project. They may be employees, customers, vendors, management, shareholders, and so on. They have some stake in the quality of the outcomes.
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Figure 1.9 Sliding a cover most of the way off
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If you add a parallel relation between opposing lines, they now act differently, as shown in Figure 1.21. A parallel relation is added by selecting the two lines to be made parallel and selecting Parallel from the PropertyManager panel. You can also select the Parallel relation from the context bar that pops up in the graphics window when you have both lines selected.
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Figure 19.3-4. Parameters in routing request messages. (From IS-41.5-B. Reproduced with permission of TIA.)
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Note, however, that this approach requires the TX and the RX to know the TX correlation matrix. An even simpler codebook consists simply of the coef cients of a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) matrix. In that case, the entries of the codebook are just beams pointing to different directions. Clearly such a codebook works well if the angular spread of the signal is small, as often happens at macrocellular BSs. Feedback for Space Time Block Codes and Spatial Multiplexing The design of the precoding codebook becomes more complicated when the TX employs orthogonal space time block coding. In that case, the precoding vector t has to be replaced by a precoding matrix T of size Nt L, where L is a dimension of the space time code (e.g., 2 for an Alamouti code). The optimization goal is still the maximization of the overall SNR at the RX (note that there is only a single data stream, even though it is space time coded) SNRq = ||HT(q) ||2 2 A bound to the SNR loss due to the quantization can be derived as = EH ||HT(opt) ||2 ||HT||2 EH 2 (H) 2 2 1 L+
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EXEC sp_indexoption ProductCategory.PK__ProductCategory__79A81403 , AllowRowlocks , FALSE EXEC sp_indexoption ProductCategory.PK__ProductCategory__79A81403 , AllowPagelocks , FALSE
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Sales channels as stakeholders, 15 Sales/Support Phase, 95, 96 San Francisco Bay Bridge, 89, 92, 149 Scenario planning, 235 236 Schedule(s): compression/expansion effects (Figure 12.15), 214 control, guidelines for, 261 corrective action, 315 316, 318 performance, 381 382 planning, 200, 208 214 status determination, 294, 298 301, 309 variances/overruns, 306, 315 316, 318 Schedule Performance Index (SPI), 309, 310 Scope, 65, 433 Scorpion submarine, 234, 312 313 SEI-CMMI. See Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) Self-control, 262 Selling leadership style, 329 Sensitivity analysis, 154 Shaw, George Bernard, 48 Shedd, William, 223 Shelfware, 361 362, 376 Shimano American Corporation, 313 Ship building industry, 157 Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea (Kinder), 19, 385 386 Silos, 61 Situational tools/techniques. See Management elements, ten Six Sigma, 135, 391, 433 Size Baseline Phase, Eight Phase Estimating Process, 416 Size of project, and success/failure, 123 Skunk works, 126, 131, 167, 382, 383, 433 SMCR (source/message/channel /receiver) model, 49, 50, 51 Smoothing, 330 Software: brittleness, 373 control, 273, 274 275
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Part V Business Intelligence
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Drag between windows
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(b) Calibration kit: Short
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Perhaps the most common approach is to create a starter database and include it in your Smart Device project as content. The starter database is pre-populated with any static or lookup data and then synchronized at application startup to obtain required operational data.
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