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<html> <body> <h2>This is the first PHP coding section</h2> < php echo This is <i>PHP code</i>\n ; > <h2>This is the second PHP coding section</h2> < php echo This is <b>more</b> PHP code\n ; > </body> </html>
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Kernel counters are updated more frequently than you might think. Some are updated many times a second. If you and someone else run the same command at the same time on the same system, you are likely to get different results at least with many of the commands that we will look at in this chapter because of the frequency at which the metrics change.
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Figure 4-6 shows a sample of the Configuration for Features utility.
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The #quickLinks select selector sets the formatting for the quick link select element you just defined. Enter the width, margin, and font settings as specified below, adjusting the color to fit your site s color scheme:
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and increases more rapidly than the squares. We can check just how fast, as before, by writing down the differences between one cube and the next:
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Note: To select multiple slides, click the first while clicking slide, and then press additional slides.
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Denying a Windows Login
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While you re at it, check out the other tabs in the Mouse Properties dialog box. You can customize some of the button properties on the Buttons tab, and determine how far the mouse wheel scrolls per notch on the Wheel tab. However, the most important tab is the Pointer Options tab (shown in Figure 5.16), which allows you to adjust the speed of the cursor in relation to mouse motion, and set other common options. Be sure to experiment with the settings on this tab to find the ideal feel and responsiveness for your mouse. This feature makes a massive difference in your Windows experience Vista or otherwise! The Hardware tab shows information about your mouse and allows you to manually update the drivers, which you will probably never have to do as most mouse drivers come with automated installers.
Lock Screen: Keep the current user logged in, but lock the screen so only that
With the features selected, click File, click Save As, and under Files of Type drop-down list, select the *.sldlfp file type. Browse to the Design Library folder, and save the part. Figure 18.10 shows the FeatureManager of the finished library feature.
Finally, a source table may contain both fact and dimension data, which opens the door to inconsistent relationships between dimension attributes. The following example adds new product codes that appear in the source data, but guards against multiple product name spellings by choosing one with an aggregate function. Without using MAX here, the query may return multiple rows for the same product code:
Turning Toolbox and the Toolbox Browser on
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