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Since we assume that all symbols are equiprobable, the MAP detector becomes identical to the Maximum Likelihood (ML) detector: max Pr[n(t) = r(t) sm (t)]
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The slide is added to the Slides in custom show list. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to add other slides to the custom show.
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The OpenSSH environment uses a command line interface (see 19, The Ubuntu Command Line ) where you can submit Linux commands to the remote server and view the responses.
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FIGURE 10.31
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Automatic transaction escalation from a local transaction to a distributed transaction at the point where multiple data sources become involved in an open transaction. Improved DataTable indexing, expected to deliver great performance improvement for large result sets. DataSet updates can be sent to the database in batches by specifying a value greater than 0 for the SQLDataADapter.UpdateBatchSize property. Better enumeration of available data sources. For example, the SqlClient is supposed to be able to find all available SQL Servers on the network. Improved connection pooling control, which includes the capability both to set the bounds for the number of connections in a pool and to drain the pool of all existing connections. ADO.NET 2.0 based Bulk-Insert API allows fast bulk insert of data from a DataTable or a DataReader. ADO.NET 2.0 can be the output for an Integration Services package. A notification method to inform dependent mid-tier layers that data has changed in the database. This will prove useful in high-volume n-tier settings where data sets are cached and the underlying data is unpredictably volatile. A SqlDependency is bound to a SqlCommand. Then the application performs a very lightweight polling of a Service Broker queue for notification of changed data using the SQLNotificationRequest method. The capability to execute asynchronously. The capability to emit worker threads and continue processing on the main thread is not new, but the capability for ADO.NET to enlist and manage asynchronous workers is. The connected query methods now support the typical .NET begin...end code structure for asynchronous operations (e.g., BeginExecuteNonQuery...EndExecuteNonQuery). Note that WinForms do not support ADO.NET 2.0 asynchronous queries. Asynchronous execution is off by default. To enable, specify Asynchronous Processing=true in the connection string. SQL Server performance metrics are exposed in the programming interface as properties of the connection.
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Part 2: Starting Out with Ubuntu
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Note: To reverse the process, perform Steps 1 to 3 again so the Preserve button is no longer highlighted.
17. Add your own MADE IN . . . extruded text to the bottom of the part. Save the part.
Electron Shading Effect. In dense fingerlike structures, antenna structures suffer damage while similar sparse-line structures show no damage for the same etch conditions. 95 This damage arises due to the trajectory of the ions and electrons. Electron trajectory tends to be more scattered than ion trajectory, which have a more vertical incidence on the surface of the wafer. Consequently, just before the exposed metal at the bottom of the spacing between dense lines is cleared, the ions can impinge on the metal, whereas the more easily scattered electrons are blocked by the shading effect of the photoresist. Damage. It might appear counterintuitive that resist might play a negative role in plasma damage. However, Chien et al. have shown that the presence of resist on large antenna ratios (AR) during resist etching can have a detrimental effect on the plasma damage compared to similar devices whose 0 resist is wet-etched.1 1 They explain this in terms of plasma self-adjustment. The potential between the water surface and substrate is lowered by losing charge to the substrate through the substrate contacts. However, when resist is covering the metal, there is no patti for the charge to the substrate, and this potential adjustment step is severely retarded, resulting in higher surface potentials at the surface. Using a simple equivalent capacitor structure model, they showed that the potential dropped across the gate oxide with an aspect ratio of 10,000 could be up to 100 times that of a capacitor with an aspect ratio of 1. Further indication that this occurs is found if the gate polysilicon is covered with a dielectric before gate definition. 10 2 The deposited oxide acts as a capacitor in series with the photoresist, decreasing the capacitance of the photoresist stack. In Situ Annealing. Although plasma damage has been presented in terms of charging effects, there is also a significant amount of UV photons generated by the process.93 UV photons above S cV can cause damage in the oxide. 103 Lai et al. showed that periphery antenna structures show less damage for multifingered structures, than for single fingered structures with the same AR, when exposed to a capacitive y coupled 02 plasma. 93 This is explained in terms of the different wavelengths cf the vacuum UV photons given off during the plasma etch process. Above 9 eV, the photons cause damage. However, photons between 4.3 and 9 eV generate photoelectrons, which, in turn, neutralize trapped positive charge. Since it is only the photons at the polysilicon edges that are not absorbed by the polysilicon itself, the structures with the greater periphery are photoannealed preferentially. The differences with other results (e.g., Ref. 97) are explained in terms of difference in intensity and wavelength of the emitted photons from one plasma etch system to another.
The third power gain, the available power gain GA, is de ned as the ratio of the power available from the block, PAVB, to the power available from the source, PAVS, that is, GA = because PAVB = PL out = * , L (18.20) PAVB = GT PAVS = 1 s 1 S11 s
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The Screen Saver Settings dialog box closes, and you are returned to your desktop.
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