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Figure 9.7. Illustration of the usage of mesoporous lms of transparent conducting oxides for novel types of solar cells. The dark gray areas correspond to ITO, the brighter ones to an oxide deposited onto the TCO matrix. The sphere symbolizes a dye. For instance, such lms can be used as porous electrodes to include dyes and to deposit semiconductors such as ZnO.
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Non-continuous dome Elliptical dome Continuous dome Non-elliptical dome
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Trim Entities is actually several functions rolled into one, and it is an extremely powerful tool for editing sketches. Trim Entities allows several methods for trimming, as well as extending and deleting sketch entities. Figure 4.12 shows the PropertyManager interface for this function.
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In polymeric CSD processes, the most commonly used solvents are alcohols. Frequently, for sol-gel processes, the solvent plays a role that goes beyond simply dissolution of the starting reagents. Alcohol exchange reactions,35 as noted above, may occur, and solvent characteristics are often controlled to dictate hydrolysis sensitivity and reaction pathway. As will be discussed, these synthetic conditions may be controlled to such an extent that control of the nature of the resulting precursor molecules in solution may be exerted.9,46 48 This may have very desirable bene ts in controlling the subsequent processing behavior of the lm. For CSD routes in which reactions between the solvent and the starting reagents do not occur, the solvent acts simply as a medium for dissolution of the starting reagents and other additives. Clustering of the solvent molecules around the starting reagent species will still occur,36,43 assuming solvent quality issues have been addressed, but controlled modi cation of the nature of the precursor species is usually not achieved, nor is this a goal, in this case. In addition to alcohols, which are most often used in traditional sol-gel and chelate routes, other solvents that have been used include xylene, toluene, dimethyl formamide (DMF), pyridine, tetrahydrofuran (THF), water, and dissolution agents, such as acetic acid. Brinker and Scherer have summarized solvent properties and have discussed the role of the solvent in CSD processing.1 When processing routes with different types of starting reagents (for example, carboxylate and alkoxide reagents) are used, because of the different polarity and ionicity/covalency of reagents, careful selection of the solvent may be required. In such instances, a solvent with mixed polar and nonpolar character, such as 2-methoxyethanol (CH3OCH2CH2OH), may be used.1 Alternatively, as will be seen for chelate processes, mixed solvent systems (e.g., alcohol, acetic acid and water) are frequently used to ensure the desired dissolution and reaction behavior.16,30 33,37,38 Because of their bene cial solubilizing characteristics and role in promoting desired reactions, solvents such as 2-methoxyethanol have become widely employed in CSD processes. It should be noted, however, that such compounds frequently demonstrate adverse effects. For example, 2-methoxyethanol is a known teratogen. The reader is encouraged to always review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the selected solvent and starting reagents. These sheets are typically provided by the commercial vendor at the time of purchase. In addition to polarity and protic/aprotic nature, other solvent characteristics, including molecular weight, boiling point, density, viscosity, and dipole moment, should be considered in the development of the solution processing approach. The in uence of such characteristics is wide ranging, spanning solution reaction effects to lm deposition characteristics and drying behavior.49 Some of these effects have been investigated in greater detail than others, and often a more empirical approach is followed for solvent selection and speci cation of reaction conditions.
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The short-time stationary model of speech neglects the rapid time variations induced by vocal fold oscillations. For voiced speech, this nearly periodic oscillation not only serves as the main excitation of the vocal tract but also as a cyclic modulation of all signal statistics. Stochastic processes with periodic statistics are known as cyclostationary processes. For our purposes, where the fundamental period T0 and the associated oscillation pattern may slowly evolve over time, we need to adapt this concept to short-time cyclostationary processes. For a given speech frame, the waveform will be decomposed in a cyclic mean signal (corresponding to the singular component of Wold s decomposition) and a zero-mean noise-like process with periodically time-varying correlation function. Most importantly, the variance of this noise-like component is a periodic function of time representing the periodic envelope modulation of the noise-like component of voiced speech. This effect is clearly audible for lower pitched male voices and constitutes one of the main improvements of cyclostationary speech models over HNMs. These models were originally introduced as (Prototype) Waveform Interpolation (PWI) coders by Kleijn and Granzow [1991] where the cyclic mean is interpreted as the slowly evolving waveform and the periodically time-varying noiselike component is termed the rapidly evolving waveform . More recent developments work with lterbanks whose channels are adapted to multiples of f0 by prewarping the signal in the time domain. A key aspect of cyclostationary signal modeling is the extraction of reliable pitch marks that allow explicit time domain synchronization of subsequent fundamental periods. As all speech properties evolve over time, this synchronization problem is a major challenge and leads to the characterization of speech signals in terms of an underlying self-oscillating nonlinear dynamical
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Whether including the SQL statement in the report or calling a stored procedure, query parameters can be used to select and filter data, as described in the next section.
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This illustration is taken from the actual source code for a real web site. However, it s difficult to see exactly how the title tag comes between the opening and closing head tags, so here s a little more simplistic view:
+ + Parity part
Ensuring Safe Web Surfing
1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit 1GB or more Support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128MB of graphics memory (minimum), support for Pixel Shader 2.0; 32 bits per pixel color 40GB hard drive with 15GB free; DVD-ROM drive Audio output; Internet access
Professional Yes Yes Yes n/a Yes Yes Yes Yes
FIGURE 4.1 The Windows Vista Control Panel
Block Popup Windows: Tells Firefox to block new windows that appear automati-
Change it to this (replacing, of course, my username with yours):
WITH SET [ProductList] AS Filter( [Product].[Product].[Product].Members, ([Date].[Calendar Year].&[2004], [Measures].[Internet Ratio to All Products])>0.05 ) SET [TimeFrame] AS LastPeriods(9,[Date].[Calendar].[Month].&[2004]&[6]) SET [MeasureList] AS { [Measures].[Internet Order Count], [Measures].[Internet Sales Amount] } SELECT {[MeasureList]*[ProductList]} ON COLUMNS, {[TimeFrame]} ON ROWS FROM [Adventure Works]
Figure 7.12. TEM images of (a) TBSBCCO-1223 lm (1.6 m, two-layer) in low magni cation; (b) TBSBCCO-1223 lm (1.6 m, two-layer) in medium magni cation (arrows indicate intergrowth); and (c) and (d) are HRTEM images. [Reproduced with permission from Ref. 103. Copyright 2002 IOP Publishing Limited.]
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