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Sometimes, you may receive a message that Windows Media Player 11 is missing a codec that it needs to play a file. If you do, click on the Help link that appears with the message and look for the necessary codec online.
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You can zoom in on any photo
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Figure 8.13 A battery backup serial link
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120 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700
Creating and Using Libraries
In order to fully understand the formalized Mold Tools process, it might be helpful to understand SolidWorks capabilities with mold geometry in general. First, understand that to create cavity and core geometry in SolidWorks, you are not required to use the Mold Tools. You can manually model surfaces or solid features to accomplish the same tasks. Surface features are widely used for mold modeling because they allow you far more control than solid features. You can also make mold geometry using an assembly of in-context parts or multi-body techniques. The formal Mold Tools functionality uses the multi-body approach. This has benefits and drawbacks. With the formal SolidWorks process, you start in part file with just the final plastic part in it, and then build both the cavity and core blocks around the plastic part. You also build any side actions or core pins within the part file, which seems a bit clumsy. To me, mold creation is better suited to assembly techniques, but that is not how SolidWorks built their functionality. Figure 32.21 shows the part of the Mold Tools toolbar that identifies the process. From the left to the right, the icons are: n Split Line n Draft n Move Face n Scale n Insert Mold Folders n Parting Lines n Shut-off surfaces n Parting Surfaces n Tooling Split n Core
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