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Wireless Communications
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9.A.2 Relationships between Power (dBm), Voltage (V ), and Power (Watt) The equations applied for calculation of voltage (mV) from power (dBm), and for power (mW) from voltage (mV) are as shown below. Values are shown in Table 9.A.2.
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Figure 4.13: The Discrete Uniform Distribution model for multipath scattering using a line of N scatterers centred about the line of sight to the mobile.
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Clarke 1968 R. Clarke, A statistical theory of mobile radio reception , Bell System Techn. J ., 47, 957 1000 (1968). CME 20 1994 Ericsson, Course Handouts for Course CME 20 1994 , Vienna, Austria (1994). Collin 1985 R. E. Collin, Antennas and Radiowave Propagation, McGraw Hill (1985). Collin 1991 R. E. Collin, Field Theory of Guided Waves, IEEE Press, Piscataway (1991). Cooklev 2004 T. Cooklev, Wireless Communication Standards: A Study of IEEE 802.11, 802.15, and 802.16 , IEEE Press (2004). COST 231 E. Damosso and L. Correira, Digital Mobile Radio - The View of COST 231 , European Union, Luxemburg (1999). Coursey 1999 C. C. Coursey, Understanding Digital PCS: The TDMA Standard , Artech (1999). Cover and El Gamal 1979 T. Cover and A. El Gamal, Capacity theorems for the relay channel , IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, 25, 572 584 (1979). Cover and Thomas 2006 T. M. Cover and J. A. Thomas, Elements of Information Theory, 2nd edition, Wiley (2006). Cox 1972 D. C. Cox, Delay-doppler characteristics of multipath propagation at 910 MHz in a suburban mobile radio environment , IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat., 20, 625 635 (1972). Cramer et al. 2002 R. J. Cramer, R. A. Scholtz, and M. Z. Win, Evaluation of an ultra-wide-band propagation channel , IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat., 50, 541 550 (2002). Crohn et al. 1993 I. Crohn, G. Schultes, R. Gahleitner, and E. Bonek, Irreducible error performance of a digital portable communication system in a controlled time-dispersion indoor channel , IEEE J. Sel. Area. Commun., 11, 1024 1033 (1993). Cruz and Santhanam 2003 R. L. Cruz and A. V. Santhanam, Optimal routing, link scheduling and power control in multihop wireless networks , IEEE Infocom., 702 711 (2003). Cullen et al. 1993 P. J. Cullen, P. C. Fannin, and A. Molina, Wide-band measurement and analysis techniques for the mobile radio channel , IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol ., 42, 589 603 (1993). Dahlman et al. 2008 E. Dahlman, S. Parkvall, J. Skold, and P. Beming, 3G Evolution: HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband , Academic Press (2008). Dam et al. 1999 H. Dam, M. Berg, R. Bormann, et al., Functional test of adaptive antenna base stations for GSM , 3rd EPMCC European Personal Mobile Communications Conference, Paris (1999). Damosso and Correia 1999 E. Damosso and L. Correia (eds), Digital Mobile Communications The View of COST 231 , Commission of the European Union (1999). Davey 1999 M. C. Davey, Error Correction Using Low-Density Parity Check Codes, Ph.D. thesis, Cambridge University (1999). David and Benkner 1997 K. David and T. Benkner, Digital Mobile Radio Systems, Teubner (1996) [in German]. David and Nagaraja 2003 H. A. David and H. N. Nagaraja, Order Statistics, Wiley (2003). Deller et al. 2000 J. R. Deller, Jr., J. H. Hansen, and J. G. Proakis, Discrete-Time Processing of Speech Signals, IEEE Press, New York (2000). Devroye et al. 2007 N. Devroye, P. Mitran, M. Sharif, S. Ghassemzadeh, and V. Tarokh, Information theoretic analysis of cognitive radio systems, in V. Bhargava and E. Hossain (eds), Cognitive Wireless Communications, Springer (2007). Devroye and Tarokh 2007 N. Devroye and V. Tarokh, Fundamental limits of cognitive radio networks , in F. H. P. Fitzek and M. Katz (eds), Cognitive Wireless Networks: Concepts, Methodologies and Vision, Springer (2007). Deygout 1966 J. Deygout, Multiple knife edge diffraction of microwaves , IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat., 14, 480 489 (1966). Dietrich et al. 2001 C. B. Dietrich, K. Dietze, J. R. Nealy, and W. L. Stutzman, Spatial, polarization, and pattern diversity for wireless handheld terminals , IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat., 49, 1271 1281 (2001). Diggavi et al. 2004 S. N. Diggavi, N. Al-Dhahir, A. Stamoulis, and A. R. Calderbank, Great expectations: The value of spatial diversity in wireless networks , Proc. of IEEE , 92, 219 270 (2004). Dinan and Jabbari 1998 E. H. Dinan and B. Jabbari, Spreading codes for direct sequence CDMA and wideband CDMA cellular networks , IEEE Commun. Mag., 36(9), 48 54 (1998). Divsalar and Simon 1990 D. Divsalar and M. K. Simon, Multiple-symbol differential detection of MPSK , IEEE Trans. Commun., 38, 300 308 (1990).
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Extending Parental Controls with Windows Live Family Safety
of each, so the straddle costs $2. Now if the price of licorice goes either up or down by at least $2 (which is likely once the FDA s report gets out), you are in the money one way or the other. You have turned the uncertainty in licorice prices into pro t. How cool is that! Case 3: ACME Pharmaceuticals and the Mystery Ingredient Version 2 This is the same as case 2, except that instead of seeing the PowerPoint presentation through your window, you see it on the CNN news channel, as transmitted by a roving satellite up-link truck that happens to be parked in front of ACME on some unrelated news story. What do you do now Nothing. As soon as CNN broadcasts the information that licorice is the mystery ingredient that either cures or causes cancer, everyone and their dog will start buying puts and calls on licorice. This drives the prices up, let s suppose to $3 for each option. The chart now looks like Figure 25.7, and the only way you make money is if licorice deviates at least $6 either way from today s price. The market has just erased the opportunity that existed in the previous case. Beyond the straddle, other option combinations include the butter y, collar, strangle, bull spread, and bear spread. If you want to learn more, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), which launched the options industry, has a set of online tutorials on options and options trading.1
FIGURE 30.19
This is the ratio of differential mode gain to common mode gain. There are three cases: 1) If CMRR < 1, or CMRR < 0 dB, it signi es that the differential pair magni es the input common portion more than it magni es the input differential portion. The common mode operation rejects the differential mode operation. 2) If CMRR = 1, or CMRR = 0 dB, it signi es that the differential pair magni es the differential portion at the same order as it magni es the common portion. The differential pair operates like a single-ended stage. 3) If CMRR > 1, or CMRR > 0 dB, it signi es that the differential pair magni es the input differential portion more than it magni es the input common portion. The differential mode operation rejects the common mode operation. The rst two cases are not good. A differential pair must operate in the third case, that is, CMRR > 1 or CMRR > 0 dB. Otherwise, the application of the differential pair is meaningless. As a matter of fact, the value of CMRR is expected to be as high as possible. The higher the CMRR, the lower the DC offset, and the greater the cancellation of even orders of non-linearity of the device. Generally speaking, a good design of a differential pair must ensure a CMRR of over 20 dB.
<name> <fname>James</fname> <mname>Tiberius</mname> <lname>Kirk</lname> <specs position="Captain" Ship="Enterprise" /> </name> The code to process to the file, as described earlier: Dim xr As XmlTextReader = New XmlTextReader("C:\MyFile.Xml") While xr.Read() Select Case (xr.NodeType) Case XmlNodeType.Comment Console.WriteLine("Comment:" & xr.Value) Case XmlNodeType.Element Console.WriteLine("Element:" & xr.Value) If (xr.HasAttributes) Then Console.WriteLine("Attribute Count:" & _ xr.AttributeCount) Dim intX As Integer For intX = 0 To xr.AttributeCount - 1 Console.WriteLine(xr.GetAttribute(intX)) Next End If Case XmlNodeType.Text Console.WriteLine("Text:" & xr.Value) Case XmlNodeType.Whitespace Console.WriteLine("Whitespace:") End Select End While Outputs the following: Element:name Whitespace Element:fname Text: James Whitespace Element:mname Text: Tiberius Whitespace Element:lname Text: Kirk Whitespace Element:specs
Descends to Lowest Configuration Item
Attenuation -10 of interference, -20 S21, dB
This section shows the average runqueue and swapqueue sizes. The lower the number, the lower the load on the system. Also note that only the first two fields are reported by sar.
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