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2. Click the Data Collector Sets option in the left panel navigation tree.
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MOSFETs a fmax (GHz)
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The Minute function returns an integer value ranging from 0 to 59 representing the minute of the hour. The Minute function has one required argument: TimeValue: The date value from which you want to extract the minute. Dim d As Date Dim intMinute As Integer d = #1/15/2001 1:45:15 PM# intMinute = Minute(d) ' Returns 45
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Diffraction X-ray Images 2.88 keV [1 1 1] 4.68 keV [2 2 0] 5.40 keV [3 1 1] 5.80 keV [2 2 2]
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Arc Length. You can create the dimension by selecting an arc and its endpoints with the Smart Dimension tool.
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