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Delete a Slide in Slide Sorter View
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The continue and break commands enhance the while command for more complex loops. The continue command immediately jumps back to the while command. The condition is tested as normal. The break command immediately exits the loop and continues with the script as if the while condition were false. The following pseudocode (not intended to actually run) demonstrates the break command:
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chaPtEr 3 Understanding the Windows Phone User Interface
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[2] A.N. Akansu and F.E. Wadas. On lapped orthogonal transforms. IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, 40(2):439-443,Feb 1992.
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24.4 Logical and Physical Channels
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Figure 13-42: In the curiously named Ready to Burn DVD stage of the DVD Maker
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Fault tolerance refers to the degree to which a system can withstand errors or problems. Faults generally fall into two categories: Local: These are confined to the server or server enclosure, e.g., hardware failure, OS or SQL Server crash, human actions, and so on. Regional: These are major disruptions such as earthquake, power failure, terrorist attack, and so on. In general, most clients will be forgiving of a regional event. A client can typically handle a regional event such as the loss of the power grid that also takes their systems offline. However, it s far more difficult to explain to a client that the reason he can t withdraw money from his ATM is because Joe in accounting tripped on the power cord for the server. Clients are less likely to understand a local event that doesn t affect their systems. Organizations pick a fault-tolerant solution based on how much downtime or data loss they can abide. For instance, most financial institutions can t tolerate the same amount of downtime as, for example, a retail store outlet. A company requiring minimum downtime will pick a high-availability solution, which involves clustering for
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Figure 7-5: Entering your e-mail log-in information.
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To convert a set of user needs into a deployed system satisfying those needs requires that a solution be found for each entity at every level of architecture decomposition. Each rectangle in the Architecture Vee of Figure 19.1 contains a description of the development activities needed to create that entity. The series of eight figures, starting with Figure 19.2, illustrates the development sequence and the relationship of development steps at a particular level of decomposition with those of higher and lower levels of decomposition.
Character device files are for devices that can handle data only one character at a time. Most types of modems and terminals are created as character files. Block files are for devices that can handle data in large blocks at a time, such as disk drives. The network file types are used for devices that use packets to send and receive data. These devices include network cards and a special loopback mechanism that allows the Linux system to communicate with itself using common network programming protocols. Linux creates special files, called nodes, for each device on the system. All communication with the device is performed through the device node. Each node has a unique number pair that identifies it to the Linux kernel. The number pair includes a major and a minor device number. Similar devices are grouped into the same major device number. The minor device number is used to identify a specific device within the major device group. This is an example of device files on a Linux server:
runas /profile /env /user:mydomain\admin mmc %windir%\system32\dsa.msc : The user s profile will be loaded
linearity and DC offset. In a push-pull PA, the tail resistor no longer exists so that its output power is higher than the differential one. Except in a design for a linear PA, ef ciency is the most important factor for a PA design. Of course, in the design of a linear PA, the priorities are reversed. The PA with a differential but not a push-pull con guration is preferred, because the rst priority is now to have good performance in non-linearity and DC offset. 7.4.3 Impedance Matching Siemens provided the primary data for a single device as shown in Figure 7.16. The rst row of measured data in Figure 7.16 is close to the expected frequency range, 800 to 900 MHz. From the values of mS,mag, mS,ang, mL,mag, and mL,ang, in this
Large tables mean large indexes, so non-clustered indexes can optionally be partitioned.
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Windows Live Mail launches into the Mail view by default, of course, but you can access the Calendar view by clicking the Calendar link in the Shortcut pane. When you do so, you ll see the one or more calendars that are associated with your Windows Live Calendar (see Figure 22-8).
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