You may be concerned that the administrative shares pose a potential danger, and they do. In fact, all shares are dangerous if not managed with common sense. Mapping to the shared roots on each drive is feasible if you know how to use a server. If you can connect, you gain total access to the drive and the entire folder hierarchy within. You would be right to say that these shares are the equivalent of leaving the hen-house door open for the fox to walk right in. Only administrators, however, have access to these shares. That limitation, however, is still not comforting, and the whole administrative-share quirk is another reason why we lock up the Administrator account. As long as the Administrator account s identity and password are locked away and security policy is in force, you won t experience any hacking of these shares.
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Working with Assemblies
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Designing for Extensibility
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Working with Assemblies
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Office Mobile is in many ways the quintessential Windows Phone solution. Rather than provide you with multiple, discrete applications, Microsoft has instead provided a panoramic Office hub from which you can take notes and sync them with the Web, create and edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, view and edit PowerPoint presentations, and sync, over-the-air, with online SharePoint repositories. Office Mobile is also curiously limited in some ways on Windows Phone, even in ways that its predecessor, running on the antiquated Windows Mobile system, was not. The reasons for this are varied and tied in large part to Microsoft s desire to deeply simplify (some would say oversimplify) its new mobile platform. But the reality is that Office Mobile is missing some curiously obvious features as a result. Hopefully, the software giant will fix these issues over time. Ultimately, Office Mobile is exactly what Microsoft promised, however: a great mobile companion for Office users, especially those who have fully embraced the company s latest Office version for Windows, Office 2010, and the new Office Web Apps and online storage capabilities of Windows Live SkyDrive and SharePoint 2010. It s not perfect, but it does represent an important step forward toward a future that deeply integrates the PC desktop, the cloud, and the phone.
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TABLE 15.1 Summary of Selected Key Regulatory and Legal Events in U.S. Telecommunications History Year 1865 1876 1910 1913 Event International Telegraph Union (ITU) created to establish rules for interconnectivity of national telegraph networks Alexander Graham Bell granted patent for telephone Mann-Elkins Act grants Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) interstate regulatory authority Department of Justice (DOJ) considers antitrust action against Bell System, based on commitment by President Woodrow Wilson to break up monopolies Kingsbury Commitment causes DOJ antitrust action to be dropped in return for AT&T s agreement to interconnect with independent telcos, stop acquiring them, and divest its stock in Western Union Post Of ce assumes interstate regulatory authority for telephone and telegraph by executive order of President Wilson Graham-Willis Act establishes telephone companies as natural monopolies ITU forms CCIR (International Radio Consultative Committee, now ITU-R) to set standards for international connectivity of radio networks Radio Act of 1927 establishes Federal Radio Commission to regulate all radio spectrum, except bands owned by federal government Communications Act of 1934 establishes the FCC to regulate interstate, international, and maritime communications, with universal service stated as the goal; DOJ begins major antitrust action against Bell System, which is delayed due to issues of national interest during World War II; First state Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) formed to assume intrastate regulatory authority from municipal and city governments Supreme Court rules in Ashbacker Radio Corporation vs. the FCC that radio spectrum allocation is to be on the basis of comparative hearings DOJ les antitrust action against AT&T, which action had been delayed by World War II; this action results in 1956 Consent Decree FCC s Hush-a-Phone Decision supports AT&T s contention that even acoustically coupled foreign (non-telco-provided) devices cannot be connected to the network without special arrangement Consent Decree negotiated as settlement between AT&T and DOJ, allowing AT&T to retain ownership of Western Electric if it manufactures only for Bell companies; also prevents Bell System from offering data processing services and other services not related to functions of a common carrier; requires that Bell System patents be licensed to others on basis of reasonable fees FCC s Above 890 Decision grants private microwave access to a dedicated portion of radio spectrum; also permits construction of such networks, regardless of economic impact on the established common carrier Communications Act of 1962 places authority with FCC to assign commercial satellite frequencies; act establishes Communications Satellite Corporation (Comsat) to act as a carriers carrier (wholesaler) for international satellite service and in conjunction with Intelsat; Intelsat (International Telecommunications Satellite Organization) established as international nancial cooperative that owns and operates satellites for international communications Microwave Communications (MCI) les application to operate as a Specialized Common Carrier (SCC)
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Part III
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The edited configurator table
The most common method for using the test command is to perform a comparison of two numeric values. Table 25-3 shows the list of condition parameters used for testing two values.
Scalar Array Hash (also called associative array)
To manually create the parting surfaces for this part, I tackled the hard part first, which turns out to be easy once you know a couple of tricks. The first thing I did was to create a sketch and use it to lay out directions that I could pull off the non-planar sections of the parting line. Figure 32.30 shows three lines that identify the non-planar top, base of grip, and trigger areas. The sketch lines lead in directions that those edges could be projected without running into other geometry. Then the edges of each non-planar portion of the parting line were converted into sketch entities in a 3D sketch, and extruded as a surface along each of these three directions. From there, it was simple to create planar surfaces between the non-planar sections. This technique may not work for all non-planar parting lines, but it does work for this one.
And that s it. That s literally all it does.
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