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11. Open a sketch on the inside face of the new Edge Flange and draw a line across the flange .75 inches from the end. 12. Create a Jog feature with the settings shown in Figure 29.37. Make sure to set a custom bend radius by deselecting the Use Default Radius option and entering .025 inches. If you do not set the custom radius, then you may get a warning that the jog distance is less than a minimum jog value. Be careful when selecting the fixed face to select the side of the line with the largest area, or the face you want to remain where it is while the rest of the part bends and moves around it. 13. From the CD-ROM, in the folder for 29, find the part named 29 Cross Break.SLDPRT. Copy this file to a folder in the library that you have established outside of your SolidWorks installation folder, called Forming Tools. 14. Make sure that this folder appears in the Design Library. You may have to press F5 or the Refresh button at the top of the Task pane. When the folder appears, right-click the folder and activate the check mark next to Forming Tools Folder. 15. When the file has been copied and the folder has been assigned as a Forming Tool folder, drag the 29 Cross Break part from the folder and onto the big flat face of the sheet metal part. You will be put into a sketch that looks like Figure 29.38. 16. Once you have dropped the feature into the sketch, drag the Origin of the sketch onto the Origin of the part, and then click Finish. Notice that the cross break is in the middle of the part, but is too small.
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The Content Piece of the Puzzle
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As mentioned above, the atoms in a solid are not static, but execute more or less simple harmonic oscillations about the equilibrium positions. 3 The amplitude of these oscillations increases with temperature. One can illustrate the basic properties of the resulting elastic waves in the crystal (whose quanta are termed phonons) by assuming nearest-neighbor interactions in a linear monoatomic chain of atoms. For small displacements, one assumes Hooke's law to be valid so that we get simple harmonic oscillations. Therefore, the restoring force becomes proportional to the relative displacement of the adjacent atoms. If the atomic locations are indexed by n, and the displacements by u, the force ( = mass x acceleration) becomes Fn = Miln
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Mean Opinion Score (MOS)a 4.4
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Computers & Backup
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ne element of search marketing that has many people scratching their head in confusion is the algorithms that actually determine what the rank of a page should be. These algorithms are proprietary in nature, and so few people outside the search engine companies have seen them in their entirety. Even if you were to see the algorithm, you d have to be a math wizard to understand it. And that s what makes figuring out the whole concept of optimizing for search engines so difficult. To put it as plainly as possible, the algorithm that a search engine uses establishes a baseline to which all web pages are compared. The baseline varies from search engine to search engine. For example, more than 200 factors are used to establish a baseline in the Google algorithm. And though people have figured out some of the primary parts of the algorithm, there s just no way to know all of the parts, especially when you realize that Google makes about half a dozen changes to that algorithm each week. Some of those changes are major, others are minor. But all make the algorithm a dynamic force to be reckoned with. Knowing that, when creating your web site (or updating it for SEO), you can keep a few design principles in mind. And the most important of those principles is to design your web site for people, not for search engines. So if you re building a site about springtime vacations, you ll want to include information and links to help users plan their springtime vacations. Then if a crawler examines your site and it contains links to airfare sites, festival sites, garden shows, and other related sites, the crawler can follow these links, using the algorithm to determine if they are related, and your site ranks higher than if all the links lead to completely unrelated sites. (If they do, that tells the crawler you ve set up a bogus link farm, and it will either rank your site very low or not at all.) The magic number of how many links must be related and how many can be unrelated is just that, a magic number. Presumably, however, if you design a web page about springtime vacations and it s legitimate, all the links from that page (or to the page) will be related in some way or another. The exception might be advertisements, which are clearly marked as advertisements. Another exception is if all your links are advertisements that lead to someplace unrelated to the topic (represented by keywords) at hand. You probably wouldn t want to have a site that only had links from advertisements, though, because this would likely decrease your search engine ranking. The same is true of keywords. Some search engines prefer that you use a higher keyword density than others. For all search engines, content is important, but the factors that determine whether or not the content helps or hurts your ranking differ from one search engine to another. And then there are meta tags, which are also weighted differently by search engines. So this mysterious baseline that we re talking about will vary from search engine to search engine. Some search engines look more closely at links than others do, some look at keywords and context, some look at meta data, but most combine more than one of those elements in some magic ratio that is completely proprietary. What that means for you is that if you design your web site for search engines, you ll always be playing a vicious game of cat and mouse. But if you design your web site for people, and make the site as useful as possible for the people who will visit the site, you ll probably always remain in all of the search engines good graces.
Interference rejection, dB
The process of performing upgrades is straightforward. You can access the core upgrade page, shown in Figure 15.3, by choosing Tools Upgrade WordPress Admin. The core upgrade page is also the page that is linked to when an upgrade nag is provided. Similarly, upgrade nags for plugins lead to a similar page that installs or upgrades plugins. This screen also enables you to select the method of upgrade needed (FTP, FTPS, or SSH). When the ssh2 PHP library is not available, it is not listed as an option.
this chapter, but this is a list of what you are individually and jointly responsible for: I will schedule, arrange, facilitate, and report on all focus groups. You will provide access to all of your direct reports. We will meet every second Friday morning to review progress.
The Return of a Pioneer
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