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Figure 8-13: Don t worry about the warning. You can add this
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where Av,CD is open-circuited voltage gain of CD device, that is, Av, CD = vS . vG (12.295)
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FIGURE 9.24 Outage probabilities versus data rate for a BPSK modem with different sectored antennas: (I) nonoverlapped span pattern; (II) optimum span pattern; (III) ideal pattern (see Fig. 9.30).
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FIGURE 8.13 The classic Advanced Appearance dialog box
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Central grounded tap
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Creating an Instance of the CTemp Proxy
Click in the text field. The default text labeled Search doesn t go away. Select and delete the default text. Type the search term widgets. Use the pop-up menu to select the type of search. Is it a product, a feature, an accessory Take a moment to think about that. Click the Go button or simply press Return to begin the search.
The preceding would mount the file systems /export/home/evan and /export /home/sandra on /home/evan and /home/sandra (these entries appear in the auto_home map). A more general solution is to use an entry such as the following one, which would cause the home directory for any user from the file server server to be mounted as /home/username.
The HTML file is displayed in Design view. Other Web page editors have other ways of calling up their versions of Design view. Please check your documentation.
Cross-references direct you to other resources (both within and in addition to this book) that apply to what you re reading about. In several places in this book, material overlaps. For example, when installing SQL Server, one decision involves the authentication mode used for security. Rather than constantly refer you to other parts of the book, I ve tried to provide enough information to cover the immediate issue without being redundant. Even so, there are numerous cross-references throughout the book so you can easily locate more detail on any given topic. These icons draw attention to additional information available online, and at the book s website,
Me.SqlInsertCommand1.Parameters.Add(New _ System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter("@CompanyName", _ System.Data.SqlDbType.NVarChar, 40, _ System.Data.ParameterDirection.Input, False, CType(0, Byte), _ CType(0, Byte), "CompanyName", _
Getting More from Your Sketches
FIGURE 8.23 The finished circular pattern
As you can see from this list, the base of the Web directory (/var/WWW/apache/ foo in this case) is specified as the ServerRoot. The configuration (conf) and log directories are within this directory. The conf directory contains the remainder of the configuration files.
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