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FIGURE 19.3 The Smart Component symbol on a part
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ProductCode --------------1002 1003 1004 1012 QuantitySold ---------------------------------------47.00 5.00 2.00 5.00
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of data transmitted with the same key, and so largely defeats the type of attack employed by the University of Berkeley group. 802.Ix uses a RADIUS/LDAP server to authenticate the users and manage the keys. The authentication data (user name and password) are transported using LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol). The new WEP key is transmitted to the mobile device by encrypting it with the WEP key used for the last session or by a default WEP key. 3.5 3.5.1 Is the Problem Intractable Wireless Networks
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If you were to create a mold with manual modeling functions, you might go through roughly the same steps in the same order. The SolidWorks process often breaks down in the automated surface modeling areas, such as shut-offs and parting surfaces. You may need to manually intervene in the process for these steps. Fortunately, the SolidWorks process is flexible enough to allow for manual modeling as needed. Each one of these process steps may have several steps of their own. Cavity and core creation is far from a push-button operation, but when you understand the overall process, the detailed steps become clearer.
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connect the antenna to the transmitter and then to the receiver. A typical connection interval is 10 microsec. The mobile unit generates a digital representation of the talk and listen signals continuously but transmits them in alternate time periods. At the receiving end the signal processing converts the digital signals into two continuous bitstreams and then converts each into an analog voice signal. The listener cannot hear all the processing, and the received signal sounds like a normal voice. The diplexer (Fig. 20.11b) is used with wireless communications systems that use two different RF frequency bands, one for transmission from the mobile unit to the base station (which is called the uplink or reverse direction) and one for transmission from the base station to the mobile unit (which is called the downlink or forward direction). Almost all cell phone communications systems use this dual frequency assignment. The diplexer contains a separate bandpass lter for the uplink RF band and one for the downlink RF band, and each lter is connected to either the transmitter or the receiver. The uplink and downlink signals are transmitted continuously and are separated by the diplexer. A diplexer for a mobile unit is described in more detail in 22, which covers RF lters. Note that both the diplexer and the switch duplexer require the same RF system bandwidth. For example, if the bandwidth for each of the transmitter and receiver channels is 25 MHz, the total bandwidth required for a system using a diplexer is 50 MHz. If the switch duplexer is used, the data signals in either direction must be sent at a two times higher data rate, because each direction is using the channel only half of the time, so that the channel bandwidth must also be 50 MHz.
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FigurE 2-30: Tap and hold.
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Adding Attributes
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Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
FIGURE 11.16 The Check Entity dialog box
USE OBXKites; SELECT LastName, FirstName, ProductName FROM dbo.Contact JOIN dbo.[Order] ON Contact.ContactID = [Order].ContactID
Blogger (www.blogger.com) is a free blogging platform from Google. The Blogger importer provides the most straightforward (and yet most likely to cause problems) import process. To use the Blogger importer, you must first set your Blogger blog to publish to a *.blogspot.com blog. You can publish your Blogger blog via file transfer protocol (FTP) or secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), but for the importer to work, your blog must be set to publish locally on Blogger. Ordinarily, this does not cause any real problems because switching from an FTP- or SFTP-published blog to a Blogger blog does not change or harm any content that has already been published to your own domain. You can make this change on a temporary basis and not publish new posts during the process.
Another familiar situation is when you have a feature to place and you want to use an Offset from Surface end condition, but the feature spans two faces. In that situation, you can knit the necessary faces together (or use offset), and then extrude offset from that surface body.
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card or monitor). The chapter started out by walking through the basics of the X Windows software, which is the software that interfaces between the video card and the Ubuntu GNOME desktop. Ubuntu uses the X.Org open-source implementation of X Windows software. The X.Org software attempts to automatically detect the video card and monitor each time you start Ubuntu so that any new hardware you add to the system can be automatically detected. Ubuntu provides a few basic tools for managing the display on the workstation. The chapter showed how to use the Screen Resolution utility to set the resolution, refresh rate, and orientation of the video on the monitor. Ubuntu also provides for configuring a dual display environment, by providing a graphical interface for managing which display covers which portion of the extended desktop (or to indicate whether the displays are clones of each other). If you have an advanced video card installed in your workstation, Ubuntu lets you add some fancy visual effects to your desktop. The Visual Effects tab of the Appearances window allows you to enable advanced graphical features on your desktop, such as fading windows. For more control over the enhanced video, you can install the CompizConfig Settings Manager package. The chapter showed how to install that package and use it to manage the visual effects available on your desktop. The chapter closed out by providing a brief word about restricted hardware drivers. Ubuntu provides restricted hardware drivers to support advanced hardware that doesn t have open-source drivers. Ubuntu uses the Restricted Hardware Driver Manager window to inform you when it has installed a restricted driver, and it offers you the opportunity to disable the restricted hardware driver and install an open-source one, if available. The next chapter takes a look at access control on Ubuntu. Ubuntu employs the concept of users and groups to control access to files and folders. The chapter walks through using the graphical Users and Groups application to create, modify, and remove users and groups from your Ubuntu system, then demonstrates how to implement access control on your workstation.
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