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Obtaining a domain name
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Cost center model.
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While Windows has included increasingly easier network-based sharing capabilities over the years, Windows 7 is the simplest yet. Thanks to a new feature called HomeGroup, shown in Figure 10, you can easily share documents, music, pictures, videos, and printers on your home network and do so without mucking around with user names and permissions.
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Working with WordPad/Notepad
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Planar Surface
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Product development is about design, but it is even more about change. You actually design something once, but you may modify it endlessly (or it may seem that way sometimes). Similarly, SolidWorks is about design, but it really enables change. Think of SolidWorks as virtual prototyping software that allows you to change your prototype rather than having to make a new one. Virtual prototypes will never completely replace physical models, but they may reduce your dependence on them to some extent. SolidWorks is also about reusing data. Associativity allows you to model a part once and use it for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), creating 2D drawings, building assemblies, creating photorealistic renderings, and so on. When you make changes to the model, your drawing is automatically updated, and you don t have to reapply FEA materials and conditions or redo the rendering setup. Associativity saves you time by reusing your data. Associativity and change driven by feature-based and history-based modeling can take some getting used to if you have had limited exposure to it, but with some practice, it becomes intuitive and you will see the many benefits for enabling change. Parametric sketching and feature creation help you to maintain Design Intent and also adjust it as necessary.
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IGMP proxy mode enables a local intranet router to pass IGMP traf c to and from multicast-capable clients and routers on the Internet (referred to as multicast backbone, or MBone). An interface running in IGMP proxy mode functions as a proxy for IGMP Membership Report packets. RRAS listens on the selected interface for IGMP Membership Report packets and retransmits them on all other interfaces running in IGMP router mode. This enables IGMP multicast groups connected to the proxy mode router to have upstream routers update their multicast tables. The interface running IGMP proxy mode also serves as a gateway of sorts for IGMP traf c coming to the local network from the upstream multicast router, forwarding that traf c to the appropriate clients. Traf c from local clients to the Internet also passes through the interface. For both incoming and outgoing traf c, TCP/IP itself handles the forwarding.
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Table Driven Pattern
FigurE 12-9: Web-based notebooks can easily be accessed from Windows Phone once you set up syncing with SkyDrive.
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22: Using Annotations and Symbols
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