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regular data backup. Intelligent muxes can allocate bandwidth on a dynamic basis, assigning channel capacity as required to meet the demands of traf c. A videoconference, for example, may require superrate capacity for a short period of time; multiple, low-speed data communications may require subrate channels for a brief moment; and, at other times, the entire capacity of the circuit may be in support of 32-kbps voice conversations. Finally, contemporary multiplexers commonly are capable of being remotely con gured and managed. Recently, a new breed of multiplexer has emerged in the form of Integrated Access Devices (IADs). These devices, which can be quite small and very low in cost, support multiple interfaces, perhaps to a small PBX for voice and a router for Frame Relay. Substantial economies can be realized through an IAD, which enables a single T1 or E1 circuit to be shared by multiple data types in support of multiple applications and services. Nodal Multiplexers Nodal muxes, a step further up the mux food chain, are truly intelligent network nodes acting as T/E-carrier network switches. In addition to serving as traditional muxes for the resident site, they also serve as true networking devices, much like a combined CO/tandem switch in the voice carrier world. Nodal muxes provide the additional function of dynamic alternate routing, which enables them to switch traf c over an alternate path in the event of a condition of blockage or failure in the primary circuit. Figure 7.10 illustrates a fully meshed private leased-line T1 or E-1 network. Recall from 5 that a fullmesh con guration requires N(N 1)/2 circuits, where N is the number of nodes. So, a four-node con guration requires 4(4 1)/2 = 6 circuits. As the number of nodes increases to 5, the number of circuits increases to 10. As the number of nodes increases to 6, the number of circuits increases to 15. The mathematical relationship between nodes and circuits in a fully mesh con guration is such that a fully meshed private leased-line network rarely becomes too complex and expensive beyond three or perhaps four nodes, despite the advantages of redundancy and resiliency
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Consider how a UDT can be developed to create an IPv4 UDT. In the bare-bones structure type UDT shown, the elements of the UDT can be seen. First notice the system assemblies that must be included in all UDTs:
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33 Device/Phone: Before there was a Windows Phone, Microsoft created several generations of Zune portable media players, and you can manage those devices including which content is synced to them via the Device section. If you have a Windows Phone, this section will be named Phone while that device is plugged in, but it provides similar functionality. Because this is such an important part of the Windows Phone/Zune PC software experience, I ll be examining this interface in more detail in just a bit.
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As an example, assuming that Xint = 0.5 m, Xsi = 500 m, and ox = 3.45 10 13 F/cm, the quarter wavelength with different frequencies and the width of the micro strip line are listed in Tables 16.A.1 and 16.A.2. In the practical RFIC design, the width of the runner is typically taken in the range of 100 m W 5 m. (16.A.12)
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WITH MEMBER [Measures].[GPM After 5% Increase] AS ( [Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]*1.05 [Measures].[Internet Total Product Cost] ) / [Measures].[Internet Sales Amount], FORMAT_STRING = Percent MEMBER [Product].[Subcategory].[Total] AS [Product].[Subcategory].[All Products] SELECT {[Measures].[Internet Gross Profit Margin], [Measures].[GPM After 5% Increase]} ON 0, NON EMPTY{[Product].[Subcategory].[Subcategory].Members, [Product].[Subcategory].[Total]} ON 1 FROM [Adventure Works] WHERE ([Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].&[2004])
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When you insert a sound clip on a slide, a small megaphone icon appears on the slide. On the Audio Tools Playback tab, you can set it up so the sound plays automatically or only when you click the icon. See 12 for more about inserting sound and movie clips.
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-a -D --defsym -f --gstabs --gstabs+ -I -J -K -L --listing-lhs-width --listing-lhs-width2 --listing-rhs-width --listing-cont-lines -o -R --statistics -v -W --
FIGURE 33.11
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CMOS power supply (SIA)
QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS IN EDX the specimen with different thickness. The sample has to be homogeneous in the analysed area. A characteristic line in an EDX spectrum can be considered as being composed of primary and secondary characteristic radiation, both attenuated due to absorption in the specimen. Both components can be expressed as polynomials in T , the massthickness of the foil. The intensity of a characteristic line tends monotonically to zero for vanishing specimen thickness. Consequently the polynomial in T will have no constant term. Hence the ratio of two net intensities such as in the Cliff Lorimer Equation (5.7.1) is a polynomial with a constant term. This term times the proper k-factor yields the mass concentration ratio of the elements under consideration. From the different spectra taken at different thickness, uncorrected concentrations are calculated with Equation (5.7.1). These are plotted versus the foil thickness and a least square t extrapolates the concentrations at zero thickness. Zero thickness-extrapolated concentrations are free from absorption effects as absorption is a two-dimensional phenomenon con ned to the optical axis detector axis plane. For any arbitrary specimen geometry the absorption path towards the detector tends to zero when the sample thickness vanishes. The same conclusion does not apply for uorescence because here the phenomenon is truly three-dimensional. One can imagine that only one electron hits the tip of a wedge-shaped specimen (where thickness is zero) and that only one primary X-ray photon is generated. This photon could travel into the wedge and produce a secondary photon that eventually ends-up being detected. In this hypothetical case no primary radiation is measured whereas one secondary photon is captured. The fact that uorescence is not completely extrapolated away was con rmed via simulations (Van Cappellen et al., 1990), however it was also shown with a worst case scenario that the absolute systematic error on the extrapolated concentrations was below 0.25 wt%, which is smaller or at least comparable to the overall statistical error. In order to be parameterless , the sample thickness or mass-thickness used as the parameter for the extrapolation, needs to be replaced by an
To lock the orientation of a dimension while moving the cursor to place the actual dimension value, click the right-mouse button. To unlock it, just click the rightmouse button again. The right-mouse button cursor shows a lock or unlock icon when this functionality is available.
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