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The Perpendicular to Vector setting is a better option than the Normal to Surface setting when the surface has been created with some sort of built-in draft angle. This is also the setting that looks most like the Radiate Surface feature, although it works much better than Radiate Surface. The Sweep setting makes a face that is perpendicular to the surface created by Perpendicular to Vector. It is as if a straight line were swept around the edge. This is actually a great way to offset an edge or 3D sketch: using the edge of the surface as the offset of the original.
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Application Requirements
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12. When should you not use Windows Remote Assistance
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7. Once the heat shield is off, release the CPU by raising the lever right next to the CPU socket (see Figure 10.6), and then remove the CPU.
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The General Public License
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The basic concept with the Base Flange method is that when you insert a Base Flange feature, SolidWorks identifies that part as a sheet metal part. The Base Flange feature is not required to be the first feature in the tree, but it is difficult to imagine why it would not be. You can create multibody sheet metal parts, but you can only insert one Base Flange for each part document, and so only one body can be sheet metal. If you try to create a second Base Flange feature, then SolidWorks interprets it as an attempt to add a tab, which is the alternate function of the Base Flange tool. When you add the Base Flange feature, a Sheet Metal placeholder feature is also automatically added before the Base Flange feature. The Sheet Metal placeholder is described later in this chapter. Another feature is added automatically when you add the Base Flange. This one is called the Flat Pattern feature. Sheet Metal is added before the Base Flange and Flat Pattern are added at the bottom of the tree. This feature has a couple of special properties that are not found with other features. The first property is that it remains at the bottom of the tree when you add other sheet metal features, and the second property is that it is added as a suppressed feature. The Flat Pattern feature is discussed in more detail later in this chapter. Bends may be flattened individually, or the whole part may be flattened at once. Configurations are often created with various bends flattened to show the part in various stages of the manufacturing process. Bend Allowances can be specified by Bend Table, K-Factor, Bend Allowance, or Bend Deduction. These items are all listed in the Sheet Metal feature that is inserted as the first feature with a Base Flange. Auto Relief has three options, which you can also set in the Sheet Metal feature. These three options are Rectangular, Tear, and Obround. Auto Relief and Bend Allowance settings are described in detail later in this chapter. One of the general ideas about SolidWorks sheet metal is that some of the functions must create visual approximations of what the parts are going to look like, especially in the formed part, because the area where two bends run into one another is difficult to model. For this reason, the flat pattern may be easier to depict than the formed geometry. Many users become annoyed when the software simplifies the 3D model, but this is how the software works, and the very fine detail is probably not really needed anyway. Other limitations that users often encounter when working with sheet metal in SolidWorks occur when they want to depict weld beads, spot welds, or other types of welds on finished parts. There is currently no defined way of doing this, but you can add extruded features to the model that approximate welds. Welds can be created in assembly, and in parts that are designated Weldment parts, much in the same way that parts can be designated Sheet Metal parts. At this time, Sheet Metal and Weldment parts cannot be combined in SolidWorks, although in shop practice that is done frequently. This may be another great enhancement request topic.
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The primary function of the Component Services console (see Figure 2-10) is to provide management tools for COM+ applications. COM+ provides a structure for developing distributed applications (client/server applications). The Component Services console enables you to con gure a system for Component Services, con gure initial service settings, install and con gure COM+ applications, and monitor and tune components.
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5. Read through the licensing agreement, place a check mark in the box to the
Fig. 5.73
FIGURE 10.27
EXEC sp_configure C2 audit mode , 1 RECONFIGURE Uplink Interference
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