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FIGURE 13.17 Layout of the rst oor of AKL with outside walls from other buildings, location of the APs, and the grid used for ray tracing: (a) inside path used for positioning experiment; (b) outside path used for intruder detection.
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Do not forget or misplace the password you assign. There is absolutely no way to access the database or to reset the database so that it doesn t require a password without the original password. SQL Everywhere passwords are not recoverable.
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Enter the Station
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WordPress, as with any software, has competition. While it is superior in many ways, there is also a constant war for the hearts and minds of bloggers. At the end of the day, the philosophy behind the development of the software is to create a product that effectively disappears and enables bloggers to create the content. However, it would be remiss to not pay attention to the numbers behind this amazing software. The top blogs, as listed by Technorati, one of the earliest and most well-known blog search and discovery sites, run a smattering of different platforms. Among these many blogs, almost one out of
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Staying relevant with new skills
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Universities have become distressed over the degradation in Internet performance as traf c levels have increased because of its highly successful commercialization. In fact, a number of them petitioned the National Science Foundation to build a new, separate NSFNET intranet (private Internet) just for them. In October 1996, this concern translated into action in the form of Internet2, which is a project of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID), a not-forpro t entity created speci cally to develop and manage the network. Internet2 is a not-for-pro t consortium of the NSF, the U.S. Department of Energy, more than 200 U.S. research universities, and over 60 private companies. Internet2 is intended as a private Internet for the bene t of its member organizations, although it is not a separate physical network, and it does connect to the present Internet, as required. The Internet2 and its members are in the process of developing and testing technologies such as IPv6, multicasting, and QoS mechanisms in support of what they characterize as revolutionary Internet applications such as digital libraries, virtual
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Tutorial: Working with Dimensions and Tolerances
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at the cutting edges. The origin of this polish has been debated at length.37 The microanalysis of test tools has added essential information to the debate. The chipped edges have been implanted with Cu marker ions at a depth of only 0.1 m with a dose of 5 1016 ions/cm2 for a resulting Cu K count rate of 15 Hz. After intense use on bone, linear microscans of the edge region (both parallel and perpendicular to the edge pro le) were performed. The results prove that no loss of the Cu marker is experienced, while the edge area is enriched in Ca. Due to the low Cu implantation depth compared to the spherules diameter it seems therefore excluded that the use of the tool results in ejection of the quartz spherules from the surface. The formation of polish should therefore be due to the deposition of material from the worked body in the interstices of the int tool. The micro-mapping of a set of archaeological Mesolithic ints38 reveals again a deposition of external materials con ned in the int edge and characteristic of the worked object: bone, wood, skin, meat as in the diagrams of Figure The accumulation of Ca, S, and to a minor extent P and K on the tool edge (Figure 7.3.11) indicates
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The following list shows the approximate market share of the most widely used browsers on the market. Internet Explorer (Windows) 85% Firefox 10% Safari (Mac) 2% Netscape AOL Browser MSN Explorer Opera 1% 1% .5% .5%
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propagates through those layers is significant. These problems of data typing are additional reasons to use the SQL Server specific OLE DB data providers when working with ADO. When using data found in a SQL Server table in a client application, the provider must map the data from a type that SQL Server understands to a type that the client application will understand. Fortunately for SQL Server developers, the ADO mapping for the SQLOLEDB provider is relatively straightforward. Table 30-2 shows how the SQL Server provider maps ADO data types. One problem occurs when ADO uses the same data type to represent two or three SQL Server data types when the application requires subtle differences to appear in the user interface. The complete set of SQL Server 2005 data types are exposed in the SQL Native Client. ADO is only aware of the SQL Server 2000 data types and will not be able to handle the new types, such as XML or a varchar(max), discussed later in this chapter. Table 30-2 shows the SQL Server 2005 data types and the equivalent ADO data types, along with the data type conversion that the NET Framework will conduct for each ADO data type.
Once you create a group, you can easily modify the properties of the group using the Groups Settings dialog box. Just double-click on the group you want to modify, or singleclick to select the group and click the Properties button. The Group Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 17-9, appears.
With a xed ratio of signal to interference power, Pav /Iav , the SNR b used for calculation of the error rate is N = W/Rb times higher than the actual ratio of the signal power to interference power. If the occupied bandwidth at each hop is the same as the bit rate Rb , then N is the number of hops in the transmission band or the bandwidth expansion factor and is referred to as the processing gain. With a xed interference power, as the transmission bandwidth increases, the spectral height of a uniformly distributed wideband interferer decreases. Reduction of the spectral height of the wideband interference, in turn, increases the received signal to interference ratio at each hop. Equation (10.4.4) shows that by adjusting the number of hops, we may design an FHSS system to overlay onto an existing wideband system. The existing system is viewed as a wideband interferer to the intended FHSS system, and the FHSS system will be a narrowband interferer to the existing system. The possibility of overlay is one of the attractive features of the spread-spectrum technique for commercial applications. Example 10.15: IEEE 802.11b Interference with Bluetooth Devices Figure 10.24a shows the spectrum of overlapping IEEE 802.11b and Bluetooth channels, both operating in the 2.4-GHz ISM bands. IEEE 802.11b has three nonoverlapping bands, each W = 26 MHz wide. Bluetooth is an FHSS system that chooses one of the 78 nonoverlapping Rb = 1 Mb/s channels in the same band. Figure 10.24b shows the interference scenario in which at terminal BT-1 the desired received signal, Pav , from the BT-2 is interfered with the interference signal from the IEEE 802.11b terminal, Iav . Considering the transmitted power from the devices and the discussions in Section 4.2.1, we have Pav = KPBT r and Iav = KPb D , and using Eq. (10.4.4) we have b,WI = W KP BT r W PBT = Rb KP b D Rb Pb D r
Figure 15-40: The full-screen Now Playing view is quite attractive as well.
The ls lists the contents of the /etc folder, and using the standard output redirection, I was able to redirect the output from the ls command to a file, called etc.list. After the
FIGURE 12.18 AssemblyXpert results
TABLE P2.1 Five Basic Mindles for Grasping Uncertainty
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