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Work Queue and Operator Requests
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TIP You can use a program called FDISK, which comes with DOS and Windows,
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User Files/Directories
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Checking out the other entries in a help search after you ve solved your problem is fun. You never know what you might learn if you check out the tangential information. Just like the Internet itself, the Windows Help and Support system is loaded with information, and unlike the Internet, the vast majority of it is true!
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23: Dimensioning and Tolerancing
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Managing Downloads from the Internet
Figure 49-6: The Visual Studio Add Web Reference dialog box. Using this dialog box, you can add Web references from your local Web server or the Microsoft UDDI directory, or manually enter the URL to a Web server in the address bar. These options are covered in the following sections.
The presentation is saved and the Save As dialog box closes. The new filename appears in the title bar.
where the terms on the right-hand side have been calculated above. Equation 6.9 also is equivalent to viewing 1lt as a damage function. The damage functions for the three damage modes are added together to calculate the total damage. Using a waveform such as that shown in Figure 6.15, where the regions in which the three different damage modes contribute to the lifetime are shown schematically the a.c. lifetime of a device can be obtained using Eq 6.9. The quasistatic components for each damage mechanism for the waveform of Figure 6.15 is shown in Figure 6.16. It can be seen that at highest voltages, the hothole-generated electron trap damage is the most important mechanism, leading to the shortest lifetimes, while at lower drain and gate voltages, the damage caused by interface state creation starts to become the dominant mechanism governing stressing at this drain voltage. The results shown in Figure 6.17 were obtained by calculating the lifetime based on Eqs. 6.6-6.8, and applying the Matthiessenlike rule of Eq. 6.9 for the waveform of Figure 6.15. The results show that this formulation leads to an extremely good match between the measured ac data and the modeling of the ac data based on the dc data and the stress waveform. Thus, the quasistatic contributions of Not,h, Nit, and Not,e, taken together, fully account for the so-called enhanced ac hot-carrier degradation for this type of C stress waveform. To conclude this section, the ac behavior of a transistor in a circuit is completely described by taking the quasistatic contributions of the three damage mechanisms and integrating them over the waveform applied to the transistor. 6.4.4 p-MOS Static Hot-Carrier Damage Modes
S (AI) SiO2
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