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In FSK , each symbol is represented by transmitting (for a time TS ) a sinusoidal signal whose frequency depends on the symbol to be transmitted. FSK cannot be represented as PAM. Rather, it is a form of multipulse modulation: depending on the bit to be transmitted, basis pulses with different center frequencies are transmitted (see also Figure 11.28): gm (t) = cos[(2 fc + bm 2 fmod )t/T + ] (11.51)
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Sketch and feature names Sketch and feature comments (access comments via the RMB menu) Custom Properties Design Binder documents Tags for features (located on Status Bar in the lower-right corner)
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FIGURE 10-4 Use the Auditing tab of the Advanced Security Settings dialog box to con gure auditing for a selected object.
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FIGURE 21.5 The Customize window for Company of Heroes
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Figure 5.15 Delay per stage versus Vad in a hybrid complementary MOS-bipolar ring oscillator (Leff,N = Lff,p = 0.3 ptm). The data for an equivalent SO1 CMOS ring oscillator are shown for comparison.
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1Mbps 2Mbps 5.5Mbps 11Mbps
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APC should not be used in conjunction with eAccelerator. Both modules are PHP opcode caches and will conflict with each other. n
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Figure 20-30: IE printing has become a lot more sophisticated.
On the far right of the People hub is a third section called Recent. This is straightforward: It provides a list of those contacts you ve most recently interacted with, in reverse chronological order. The Recent section is shown in Figure 4-18.
Adding a Splash Introduction
Part VI: Music, Movies, Video, and Audio
Part II: Building Intelligence into Your Parts
E-mail is covered in 10.
Note: The blue border around the table adjusts automatically.
Active Directory provides or denies logon authority and access privileges to the network resources of a Windows domain. Before we proceed further with Active Directory, it s necessary to get certain information straight about Microsoft domains: we de ne domains in the Windows network sense (as opposed to what you have read about earlier in this chapter) so we all know what we are talking about. Not only should we try to clear up the confusion about domain generations or versions, you will almost certainly have to integrate or migrate legacy NT domains into Windows Server 2008 domains, and unless you understand the differences, you are likely to really foul things up. Philosophically, these are very different. There are two types of Windows domains: the NT domain (now the legacy domain of the last millennium) and the Windows Server 2008 domain a container object in Active Directory, a speck on the Internet, and conceptually the extent of your network. Both can be analyzed in terms of a logon stack, and both share common traits. Figure 17-18 represents the Windows NT and Windows Server 2008 local logon stack on the local machine and the logical order (from the top down) of the process to authenticate access to the local services. At the top of the domain stack are client processes; these reside on local machines or on other client machines, workstations, and network devices. When the client process requires access to a service, the local Security Account Manager, using data stored in the local SAM, controls the access (this works the same for Windows NT and Windows Server 2008).
Calling the function,
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