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successfully with this concept, largely in support of remote clinics. Through a videoconferencing system and network, a nurse or medical technician in a remote clinic can gain the assistance of a doctor, and even a specialist, located at a major urban hospital. The doctor can guide the technician through the process of diagnosis and treatment, viewing the patient over a videoconferencing network and perhaps viewing x-rays transmitted over the same high-quality, high-speed digital network. For that matter, a multipoint conference can be established so the physician might consult with distant colleagues on a particularly dif cult diagnosis and treatment plan. Taking the scenario one step further, the physician can even guide the technician through an emergency surgical procedure. Prescriptions, clearly, can be transmitted electronically to a local pharmacy. While such an application scenario currently is a bit unusual, it is possible, has been accomplished, and is in daily use. Although the typical commercial enterprise might not nd videoconferencing or multimedia networking to be a lifesaving application, they will be critical elements of the technology mix for those rms seeking to gain or maintain competitive advantage. Another interesting application for videoconferencing is in the justice system. Judges around the country, including in my little town of Mt. Vernon, Washington, make use of videoconferencing systems for video arraignments and other court appearances required for suspected criminal defendants. The clear advantage is that a video communication between the judge and lawyers in the courtroom and the defendant in the jailhouse eliminates the costly and sometimes dangerous process of transporting the accused and convicted. Tom Swift would have been proud, indeed, of the evolution and application of his photo phone. Yet another interesting potential application is that of voice- and video-enabled websites. Clearly, the customer s contact experience can be improved tremendously if he or she can click a videoconference button and connect to an agent to establish a videoconference. That assumes, of course, that both parties are properly prepared for the camera. Despite increased bandwidth, improved compression, and all the various protocols and mechanisms that have improved, and will continue to improve, video quality over the years, the videoconferencing experiencing still leaves us at two dimensional, that is. Wouldn t if be nice if video were in a 3-D (three-dimensional) format Well, there has been a lot of development effort expended to do just that, and there is at least one commercially available system. Teleportec has developed a system that creates a 3-D effect through the use of multiple cameras on the transmit side and on the receive side by projecting the image on a specially treated sheet of glass that acts as a beam splitter, refracting light at different rates. The system builds on the H.320 and H.323 standards and currently runs over ISDN or dedicated circuits. A full T1 is preferred for maximum quality, but 768 and 384 kbps provide acceptable quality [33]. REFERENCES
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If it has been a few releases since you examined the Dual Dimension options, then you may find that SolidWorks 2007 has improved placement options for the dual dimensions.
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Follow these steps to create a blank report: 1. Select Project Add New Item from the menu. 2. From the Add New Item dialog window, select the Report template. 3. Name the report Project List. 4. Click Add. The new empty report is added to your project and opened in the Report Designer. The Report Designer window contains three tabs: Data, Layout, and Preview.
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Because your account picture always appears inside of a square area, you may want to edit a photo before performing these steps, cropping it accordingly into a square shape. That way, Windows 7 won t have to do its own (non-optimal) cropping.
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When opening an assembly through the Open dialog box, the Advanced option enables you to open the assembly and create a new assembly configuration that uses part configurations of a given name, if available. The default part configuration name entered in the text box is, I think, suggestive of how SolidWorks intended for this function to be used. As shown in Figure 14.4, it is Simplified. In previous versions, the Advanced button was conspicuously placed on the front of the Open dialog, but by 2009 it has been changed to a selection cleverly hidden in the list of configurations, as shown in the image of the configuration drop-down list.
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When the RF wave is carried by a transmission line, the total power is the power density of the RF wave integrated over the cross-section area of the transmission line. The units of power traveling down the transmission line are speci ed in watts. Figure 2.9 shows the range of power encountered in RF equipment. At RF frequencies, the reference level of power is 1 mW, which is 1/1000 W. The reason is that 1 mW of power is enough to operate a telephone, video display, or computer,
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Click in the text field. The default text automatically disappears, thanks to a JavaScript action. Type the search term widgets. Click the Go button or simply press Return to begin the search.
Table 18-1: System Monitor Process Table Columns
The following packages will be upgraded: ntpdate 1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 62.6kB of archives. After this operation, 0B of additional disk space will be used. Do you want to continue [Y/n]
Me.SqlDeleteCommand1.Parameters.Add(New _ System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter("@Phone", _ System.Data.SqlDbType.NVarChar, 24, _ System.Data.ParameterDirection.Input, True, CType(0, Byte), _ CType(0, Byte), "Phone", System.Data.DataRowVersion.Original, _ Nothing))
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Field Experimenting with Semantic Web Tools in a Virtual Organization
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