Towards the Semantic Web in .NET

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Part VIII: Appendixes
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DefaultExt (Public Instance Property)
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Request to update A and PTR records No update requests
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10 cm 1 m
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If you check the Automatically activate Windows when I m online box and your computer crashes during installation, try the installation again without checking this box.
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CrossReference For more about the design issues that pertain to primary keys, and about GUIDs versus identity columns, see 17, Implementing the Physical Database Schema.
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Even in non-orthogonal (isometric) views, true dimensions should be used for most drawing views. Projected dimensions depend on the angle of the edge to the view plane.
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30 Programming with ADO.NET 2.0
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Default NTFS Cluster Size
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Details of CDMA techniques are described in 10.
Not all PCs have an AGP slot. Make sure yours does before you run out and buy an AGP video card. Figure 6.3 shows what one looks like; it s quite different from a PCI slot (Figure 6.4). PCI slots are almost always beige or cream-colored. Another clue you can use is that you ll only ever see one AGP slot in a PC, whereas you re likely to see at least two or three PCI slots.
Exploring the Aero interface Exploring the basic, standard, and classic interfaces Choosing the interface that s right for you
Automating Drawings: The Basics
Understanding WordPress Roles and Capabilities
You should avoid some colors for the background, or you should make some changes if you choose these colors. Black is used with fully defined sketches, dimensions, FeatureManager text, and annotations. Blue can mask the underdefined sketch color. Bright green (or blue, depending on the version you are using) can cause problems with seeing selected items. Bright red, aside from being a terrible color to stare at all day, also does not contrast well with some of the red highlights and error colors. You might think that no matter which color background you select, aside from the default, the items or features are difficult to see. For this reason, many users choose a gradient background, which enables them to pick colors where items are always visible on one-half of the screen or the other. Staring at a white screen all day can be uncomfortable for your eyes, so pick colors that enable you to see everything with reasonable contrast, yet are not glaringly bright. Very high contrast is hard on the eyes, and low contrast may make it difficult to distinguish items on the screen. You have to consider what the purpose of the background is. Some people doing presentations may want the background to be attractive while otherwise staying out of the way. Others may only need the background to contrast with whatever is in front of it in a way that does not strain anyone s eyes. For writing a book, the background generally needs to be white to match the page. No one scheme will suit all needs. In addition to colors and gradients, you can use an image as the graphics window background. This gives you a wider range of customization capabilities, and several sample images are already available in the default settings. Also, be aware that document scene backgrounds are document specific and override system options. RealView also adds some capabilities with scenes. Scenes can be applied from the RealView tab on the Task Pane. RealView offers three different types of scenes: Basic, Studio, and Presentation. Of these, I find the Studio scenes to be the best when I need something with a reflective floor with shadows, otherwise I stick with the Basic scenes. I describe RealView, along with scenes, in more detail in 5.
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