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The Root Domain
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If your domain name is listed in the .com or .org levels of the DNS, it becomes published on the public Internet and is available as a point from which to resolve your public Internet resources, such as Web servers and mail servers. A query to the root (.us) for, for example, refers the client to the DNS server addresses that can resolve MCITY host names authoritatively to servers on the public Internet. DNS servers around the world that regularly service hits for the can draw on cached records to resolve IP addresses for their clients. In your case, would you then want to use the public domain name as the domain root in your LDS In the MCITY example, we saw no reason not to. The results of your enterprise analysis may indicate otherwise, for a number of reasons. We discuss some of them here, as pros and cons. Reasons to have identical external and internal DNS namespaces are as follows: The domain suf x is identical in both environments and is less confusing for users. You have only one namespace to protect on the Internet. You have only one namespace to administer. Reasons not to have identical external and internal DNS namespaces are as follows: Domains remain separate, and a clear distinction exists between resources on the outside and resources on the inside. The corporate intranet is more protected, therefore, but you still need a good rewall. The company may change direction and may change the name. Proxy con gurations for separate namespaces are easier to manage. Exception lists can be created to lter the internal names from the external names. TCP/IP-based applications such as Web browsers and FTP clients are easier to con gure. You would not need to make sure that clients that are connected to both the intranet and the Internet at the same time resolve the correct resources. Several items in the preceding lists demand more discussion. First, we have a way around the domain suf x problem a late-feature addition. Windows Server 2008 clients can store more than one UPN (user principal name) to an account, as shown in Figure 19-3. This is achieved by allocating additional domain suf xes to the domain, which must be carefully managed so as not to create con icts with users in other domains. Down-level clients are stuck with the NetBIOS name assigned to the domain. To add more domain suf xes, you can open the Active Directory and select Users and Computers, open the account of the user, and select the Account tab. The drop-down list to the right of the User logon name is where you nd the additional suf xes. By the way, any suf x suf ces to log the user on. We do not believe that the intranet is any more exposed if you have a single namespace, because regardless of the name you choose as an Active Directory root domain, the domain controller is hidden behind a rewall. It is assigned an IP address that belongs to your private network and
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FIGURE 9.5 The Microsoft Knowledge Base
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Object-Oriented DBMSs
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It turns out that the distribution in ten years will be identical to the initial distribution shown in Figure 36.4. Actually, I picked the initial distribution so that this would be the case. That is, I started off the population in equilibrium. The distribution over time, as displayed by the model, appears in Figure 36.5. Hearts and Minds Now consider what would happen if, through some act of diplomacy, the rate of transition between states could be changed to encourage less militant behavior. Suppose a strategy, which I will call Hearts and Minds, created the changes shown in
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The mate that SolidWorks adds automatically when a part is created in-context is called an InPlace mate. This works like the Fixed option, but is actually a mate that is listed with the other mates and that may be deleted, but not edited.
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in this work: (1) a reference signal is added as a DSSS parallel probe signal to the transmitted signal, (2) a reference is time-multiplexed with the transmitted signal as a serial probe, and (3) the estimator is used in a decision-directed mode, where detected symbols are used as the reference signal for channel measurement. Figure 10.22 compares the performance of an ideal RAKE receiver with a receiver using a serial probe, a parallel probe, or a decision-directed channel estimator. The parameters of the channel are similar to those described in Example 9.1. Any method used for channel estimation will produce a measurement error, which will restrict the performance of a RAKE receiver. Similar to the ISI, the measurement error is proportional to the received signal strength, and as we increase the transmitted power, these noise levels will also increase. When we increase the signal-to-background noise ratio, at a certain point the measurement noise becomes more than the background noise and the SNR; consequently, the probability of error remains at. These at error rates, caused by noises that are proportional to the signal level, are sometimes referred to as irreducible error rates. 2008 read pdf417
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10.4 FILMS AND ARRAYS OF INORGANIC NANOWIRES Semiconductor nanowires are promising materials for many technological applications, such as high-performance nanoscale eld-effect transistors,10 logic gates,92 memories,93 sensors for gases and biomolecules,40 thermoelectric devices,42 LEDs and lasers,94,95 as well as photodetectors and solar cells.96,97 The carrier mobility in high-quality semiconductor nanowires may be comparable with or exceeding that of the single-crystal materials.6,10 Arrays of singlecrystal nanowires fabricated on low-cost, plastic, or glass substrates are expected to nd use in applications, such as exible, wearable, and disposable consumer electronics, sensors, and radio frequency identi cation (RFID) tags. High temperatures, which are often required for nanowire growth, place limitations on direct fabrication of nanowire-based devices on plastic or glass substrates. To overcome the compatibility problem, the nanowires can be rst synthesized using standard high-temperature VLS or vapor-transfer techniques and then transferred onto a low-cost substrate using low-temperature solution processing techniques (see 11) or dry rubber-stamping techniques ( 13). The lm fabrication process should involve both nanowire positioning and alignment because the carrier transport along single-crystal wires is much faster than wire-to-wire hopping in randomly oriented nanowire networks. Ideally, in nanowire devices, the charges should travel directly from source to drain electrodes within single crystal wires. To date, several experimental approaches have been explored: ow-assisted alignment in a micro uidic channel,98 Langmuir Blodgett technique,99 and electric- eld directed alignment.100,101 The last approach seems to be the most promising because it allows rapid assembly of complex (i.e., multidirectional) networks for nanowire-based electronic circuitry and readily lends itself to very short length scales.101 Alignment of semiconducting and metallic nanowires has been successfully demonstrated by applying DC or AC electric elds to nanowire suspensions and colloidal solutions (Fig. 10.16). Thus, dielectrophoresis has been used to pull InP, ZnO, and PbSe nanowires toward the electrodes and to align them along the electric eld.100 102 PbSe nanowires could also be grown directly on a chip by the oriented attachment of PbSe nanocrystals, connecting biased source and drain electrodes.102 The on-chip assembly of semiconducting nanowires may provide a novel concept for growing nanoscale electronic circuitry directly on a chip in a way, similar to the formation of interconnects between neurons in biological systems. Because the nanowire synthesis is independent of the device substrate, these processes represent a general approach for exploiting a broad range of materials (including group IV, II VI, III V, and IV VI semiconductors) as the transistor channel materials. Combining different semiconductors allows for addressing the big challenge of the fabrication of CMOS (complimentary metal oxide semiconductor) circuits using solution-processed components.103 In general, CMOS allows easier circuit design, greater speed, and lower power consumption than n-MOS or p-MOS circuitry alone.104 Con nement of
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Figure 7-7: Attaching files to an e-mail message.
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